Fantasy Faire … Haven Designs

Relay For Life Revisited…this time in the realm of fantasy, which is a genre that perfectly befits the “your world, your imagination” notion.  But really fantasy is far more than a genre.  It’s really more of a mindset.  And the designers at this year’s RFL Fantasy Faire have the chops to bring their envisionings to life.  This is my initial venture into writing a week-long series of reviews on RFL Fantasy Faire creations.  I am ever so delighted to do so because the element of the fantastical — grand or subtle — in builds, ambience, art, and fashion is a creative inclination that always speaks to me.  And that always will.  On top of this, when it’s all done for an incredibly important, worthwhile cause, well, I’m there without hesitation…not even if a borked grid delayed my inclusion until the 11th hour onto the list of reviewers.  As a consequence, a sim of designers was not assigned to me.  What that means is that the lovely creations I’ll share this week are designs that I purchased myself from various designers in various sims, along with a review item that was dropped to me late yesterday evening out of the blue.  (Somewhat literally as you’ll see in a future entry.) 

As for today, I kick off this week-long review with two gorgeous creations from Haven Designs.   The first is “Lilly” in a deeply iridescent purple that shimmers ever so subtly.  “Lilly” conveys a somewhat chameleon sensibility.  At once, it is part swimsuit, part silk, part minidress interrupted. 


But however you choose to call this delicious creation or however you choose to wear it, “Lilly” is a knockout all the way around.

All Haven Designs creations reveal a gorgeous hand in each garment.  Take the delicate yet commanding silk dress “Selah” as continued proof.  Part dress, part silks, part lingerie “Selah” is a whisper of fabric that drapes with purpose and presence along the body.  At the same time, “Selah” greedily breathes in all the possibilities from every beautiful angle of your form.

A sheer whisper with an intoxicating reveal, that is what you will find when you wear “Selah.”  Truly, that is what you will discover when you wear any creation from Haven Designs.

Fashion Details

Haven Designs in Elvencourt:  “Lilly” and “Selah” (both RFL offerings)

Fantasy Faire Talk:  for links to more reviews of other wonderful creations at this year’s RFL Fantasy Faire


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