I’ve been holding some incredibly intricate jewelry created by Yoona Mayo founder of Cocoon Jewelry because I’ve been trying to determine the best way to showcase Yoona’s amazing talents.  You see, all of Yoona’s jewelry is incredible and incredibly intricate.  Her primwork is just about at the quantum level…it is so complex, so refined with each teeny, dimensional component so in harmony with the other that its collective power often defies description.  And, frankly, the fullness of Yoona’s artistry often overwhelms the camera, causing it either to gape or to blink in astonishment.

As proof, I’m sharing a few of Yoona’s latest creations, starting with her Bellflower earrings (below).  (Note, click on each photo for a somewhat larger view.)  They might help to provide a sense of what I mean.  I took two photos from two angles to show the dimension in the overall work.  With each stem, Yoona creates a flowing, undulating tuber flower that weaves so lyrically — yes lyrically — into and around itself.  The piece culminates in gentle bead work that dangles like delicate chimes, hinting at a soft musicality that kisses the shoulders.  Bellflower is really much more akin to elegant songs flowing into waterfalls than simply adornment for the ears.  While none of Yoona’s creations actually transmit sound, what I mean to suggest is that there is extensive fluidity and poetry to each piece in her jewelry portfolio.

Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Bellflower earrings at Cocoon Jewelry from artisan Yoona Mayo

Yoona’s Aimee earrings (below) is continued confirmation of this.  This gorgeously sweet creation presents such a refreshingly polite design that it verily whispers around the ears.  I should have taken an uber close photo of Aimee.   With its refined and perfectly symmetrical display of pearls and gems, Aimee is so ultra lovely and feminine, so delightfully clean and engaging — and yes, dimensional…quantum level dimensional — that you can almost feel the entirety of the clearest summer sky day swirling within them.

Aime earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

I found myself smiling very widely when I put on Yoona’s Shengri La earrings (below).  This a very special creation because within Shengri la, Yoona pays homage to a selfless mentor, Shenlei Flasheart, who for more than six months guided Yoona and a half a dozen other designers apprenticing at the Shengri La Marketplace, which I curated.  As you may recall because I posted about it quite a bit, the Shengri La Marketplace was conceived by and flourished under Shenlei’s masterful talents, both as a fashion designer and a successful entrepreneur in both worlds.   This is so very much Yoona’s way:  to honor in gratitude and respect…and with a flourish of wonderful creativity.   Her Shengri La earrings achieve this and even more.  Their dimensional form shimmers like a gentle wind chime, suggesting a song of quiet opulence and serene beauty.

Shengri La earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Even her more flamboyant Fireworks earrings crackle with a joy that marries elegance with playful happiness.

Fireworks earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

And this weblog presentation rounds out with the cascading droplets contained within Whirlwind, which dances like a spiral shower of honey that wraps itself around ruby candy gems.

Whirlwind earrings at Cocoon Jewelry by artisan Yoona Mayo

Sometimes descriptions don’t quite reflect the amazing artistry of some incredibly talented souls like Yoona.  For those instances when the artist transcends written or verbal language, seeing really is more than believing.   Seeing really then becomes  understanding and profoundly appreciating.  That’s certainly true when it comes to Yoona, both for her wonderful soul and for her gorgeous artistic eye that she brings to life so beautifully time after time after time.  I hope you find the time to go to Cocoon.  Because when you do, it is then that I know with absolute certainty that you will understand what  I mean about Yoona and her amazing talents.


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