Under the Big Top

The Fashion Cirque is a monthly week-long event that brings themed apparel together at the Le Cirque sim.  For April, the theme is circus related and the build reflects that.  I took a stroll through Le Cirque on Saturday, the day of the event opening, after learning about it from a *BOOM* subscriber notice.  As it happened, I was also lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a review sample for *BOOM*’s Le Cirque entry:  the Big Top Bracelet sets and the Big Top Earrings, both of which I show in the photos below.    The top I wear with the jewelry comes from a purchase I made last summer from ICING.  It’s called “Ship Shape,” and it happens to be a spot-on match to *BOOM*’s “Big Top.”

I really enjoy *BOOM* accessories and fashions, a small assortment of which I’ve had for a while now.  They’re young and fun and more than a bit gritty in attitude, but in a tongue in cheek kind of way.  *BOOM* creations don’t wind themselves up into any deadly seriousness.  “Big Top” is no different.  It’s big and bold and says “heyya!” without hesitation.  In fact, both the bracelet sets and the earrings shout “summer!” more than grilling does.  And if you’re from the States, “Big Top” is a perfect finishing touch for your fourth of July casual ensemble destined to take you effortlessly from barbecue to a beachfront view of the fireworks.

When you take a stroll through Le Cirque, you’ll find *BOOM*’s Big Top and other wonderful items from an assortment of designers (see list below).  I couldn’t pass up this lovely dress “Nico” (Sunrise) from Bliss Couture.  I pair it with “Circus Chic” skin from AtomicBambi, also at Le Cirque:

With the boots and the skin, Nico becomes very Under the Big Top but in a decidedly feminine kind of way.   I have to say that I love the shawl that wraps around the bodice.  Even though it is a bit too small for my curves, I find that the airy design of the shawl is such that it doesn’t matter if it’s a perfect fit.  It’s very light and transparent with ribbons of colors and still it holds its presence in harmony with the overall presentation.  It’s probably the first wrap that I didn’t need to resize because its essence is so flexible and forgiving.  The skirt is like a billowing tuft of cotton candy from the sun.  And it’s a flexi skirt, which — with my curves — tends to work best, even if I do admire some of the prim and sculpted skirts.  As for the themed skin, here’s a closeup of Circus Chic from AtomicBambi:

Altogether fun and fresh.  Head on out to Le Cirque and check out the April exhibit, which runs from April 10th to April 18th.  Not sure when the May exhibit runs, what the theme will be, or who the designers will be (as they will all be different each month).  But I do know that each month The Fashion Circus event will be held at the Le Cirque sim, so be sure to keep returning to the sim each month.  As for April, here are the participating designers, with this list brought to you straight from the organizers’ notecard:


April 10th – April 18th, 2010

(OMFG) I Love It! & Expressions Poses
[ glow ] Studio
Bliss Couture
Indyra’s Originals
Opa’s Boutique
Sh*t Happens
Sonatta Morales
& MANY MORE!!!!!


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