Elemental Grandeur

By the seashore lives a mer creature in such splendid finery she must be the Queen.

Her essence is magnificent; her form gorgeously adorned in nothing less than opulent fabrication.  And opulence is what you will receive in the latest mermaid fashion from Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux.  

Each time I see a new design from Misteria, I smile very wide because I’ve witnessed Misty’s transformation from her humble design beginnings a little more than a year ago to the incredibly talented artist that she is now.  And that she expresses so prolifically in all of the gorgeous fashion she creates.  Over a year ago when I first met Misty, she told me that the beauty of nature inspired her.  It’s clear she consistently draws from that inspiration source in all of her designs.  As with her latest design release, Misty’s fashions all echo the organic splendor that is nature’s broad artistry.  Have a look at the full expanse of Mermaid…how the fins billow and feather out over the seas, reaching far into the horizon and beyond.  Indeed, tenderly embracing all celestial bodies, from oceans, heavens, moons, stars to the celestial form of woman.  (And Misty even provides a male shirt for the Mer men of the seas.)   

In Mermaid, Misty calls forth a beautiful and generous Queen.  One who bedazzles all the worlds of land, air and sea. washing them in waves of colors that undulate along the visual spectrum.  And that ultimately seep luxuriously into all the senses.

It’s a passionately romantic design.

It’s a passionately romantic essence.

Naturally so.

To get your Mer Queen on, travel the seas to Shengri La where you’ll find Pas De Deux and this gorgeous persimmon colored Mermaid ensemble (among other equally sumptuous colors). 

Pas De Deux is located in the Shengri La sim (coordinates:  132, 8, 27) and in the Juliet sim (coordinates: 136,104, 2) .


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