Fantasy Faire … Caverna Obscura

Today is the final day of the RFL Fantasy Faire, and so it seems somehow appropriate to close out my week-long weblogging of the event with Caverna Obscura’s “Dream Thief”…because it epitomizes the fantastical.  Because it’s gorgeous as all of the creations at the Faire are.  And because the name alone — Dream Thief — represents the tirelessness of all the event participants:  from vendors, webloggers, event organizers, performers, hosts to shoppers.  The really nice thing to learn is that all of these efforts have paid off.  When I logged inworld briefly this afternoon, I saw a Fantasy Faire group announcement that indicated more than 2 million lindens have been raised this past week.  That’s phenomenal.  Yet there’s always room for more, so if you haven’t yet picked up Dream Thief, head over quickly to the Via Obscurium sim and snap up this gorgeous creation. 

You will receive everything you see here, except the hair, which works so incredibly well with this magical creation.    

 “Dream Thief” comes with the elven shoes, the ribbon leg wraps, the ribbon wrist wraps, an overskirt of dangling glow lights to accent the petal mini, arm sleeves embellished with more dangling glow lights, the textured vest that overlays the top of the dress, and wonderfully shredded stockings.

Here’s a look at the equally gorgeous back:

After a hectic week of RFL Fantasy Faire activities, photographing/modelling, and weblogging packed in between my FL full time work, it seems more than appropriate for the closing photo to show me pausing to rest.

And looking fabulous even in repose…in “Dream Thief,” a magical RFL offering from Caverna Obscura. 

Fashion Slurl … Congratulations to everyone who pitched in to reach the more than 2 million lindens raised:

Caverna Obscura:  “Dream Thief” (a RFL offering)

Fantasy Faire … *BOOF*

Not to be confused with BOOM!, *BOOF* is a shop that carries an assortment of fun gadgets and can be found in the Neko Industrial sim of the RFL Fantasy Faire.  I feature them today as the creator of *BOOF* dropped one of her RFL items to me, an outfit that is called “Relay for Life” appropriately enough!  The other item she dropped to me is a giant eating utensil that made me smile so much I just had to show them both.   And so here they are:


If you’re a pasta lover or a food lover for that matter, how could you not smile at that giant fork of food!  (The creator shared with me that *BOOF*’s main store has spaghetti hanging from the ceiling!  I didn’t inquire about her love for spaghetti…some things are simply a given.)  As for the outfit, “Relay for Life” is a sweet purple dress ensemble that comes with matching neko ears and tail.  The RFL graphic is etched along the hem of the skirt and also printed onto the base of the tail.  A very nice thing about this outfit is that it can be worn either as a dress or it can be worn on its own as a tank and shorts because the edging of each are finished. 

For those times when you’d rather not hint at being a walking billboard by wearing a logo (I admit not wearing logos is my preference), the tank and shorts alone make an adorable outfit.  Throw on a pair of sleek boots, fun stockings, and a tasteful bit of bling (something I forever adore) and you’re good to go!  Today’s the last day of the RFL Fantasy Faire so be sure to visit there if you’re interested and continue your incredibly appreciated efforts to help fund cancer research.

*BOOF*:  “Relay for Life” dress, neko ears and tail (a RFL vendor item)

Fantasy Faire … Evie’s Closet Reduex

There are some really talented designers who focus exclusively on mer fashion.  And there are those really talented few who create breathtaking designs for a number of cultures.  Enter Evie’s Closet and you’ll find not only her wonderful romantic fantasy and fae creations, but now you’ll also find absolutely stunning mer fashion.   “Nereida Mermaid” is the name of Evie’s entry into the genre.  Neredia is so incredibly beautiful it’s just mesmerizing.  Do note that Neredia is not a RFL offering, but when I spotted it at the RFL Fantasy Faire at Evie’s Closet I couldn’t resist.  I don’t think many would be able to.  Then after you purchase it and have it in your own closet, you’ll be astounded by how much bang you get for your lindens. 

Yes, Mermaid Bubbles are included in the Nereida ensemble if you choose to wear the bubbles attachment.  I happen to love them, but the outfit is spectacular either way.  And from all directions.  

So what do you get for your purchase?  More than a boatload.  Take a deep breath and repeat with me:  mermaid bubbles, mermaid top pants and socks, hip fins, upper arm fins, tail fins (including a middle tail fin), a gorgeous belt made of seashells and pearls, two elegant filigree bracelets (one for each wrist), a matching belly ornament, a crown, and even a mermaid AO!  

Here’s a closer look at the detailing.  The colors in the top echo the ocean’s rippling waters and are edged with a soft ruffing, which provides a playful juxtaposition to the exacting scales that lay with precision on the lower body.

As is always true with items from Evie’s Closet, her sense of design continuity is always so complete and thorough.  In Nereida, the top mirrors the shape and design of the seashells in the belt.  This photo (below) shows the exsquisiteness of the seashell belt, the gorgeous silver filigree bracelets and the equally intricate belly ornament.  The jewelry is so refined, that I know I’ll wear them easily in all of the world’s elements, not just the sea.

Overall, the entire creation is spectacular really.  I am so thrilled that Evie is now also creating breathtaking mer fashion.  She has such a meticulous eye, such a generous gorgeous hand that they fit, move, and look like a dream.  Because they really are that dreamy…from ocean blue (flotsam) to any color you choose.


Fashion Slurl

Evie’s Closet:  “Nereida Mermaid in Flotsam” (not a RFL offering, but available at the RFL Fantasy Faire)

Fantasy Faire … Luminous Designs

“Blossom Bliss” — a RFL offering from Luminous Designs — is perfectly suited for this time of year if the season you find yourself in is Spring.  With “Blossom Bliss” you reap the harvest of a well-manicured ensemble that overflows with a multitude of flowers…and options:  from a mini skirt, slanted skirt, long sheers to wings with flower emitters and wings with no emitters. 

In this entry, I show the long skirt.  I admit upfront that this was a difficult outfit to photograph against a green screen.  Coloring the green screen out was challenging.  Just know that Blossom Bliss reads more beautifully in person than I was able to achieve in the photographs.

When you wear Blossom Bliss, you’ll feel as if you woke up a bed of pink and white rose petals that cling to your every curve and that pour themselves gently down and around your bare legs.  The wings are a lovely continuation of this feeling, with delicate, soft swirls that accent the upper and lower most expanse.

Here’s a closer view of the wings and the back bodice…with the peek-a-boo waistline and upper hips caused by cascades of flowerettes that give the feeling they are tumbling along your body (even if they’re not).  All the skirt options do have an open kind of feeling to them.  By that I mean that they aren’t completely covered seam to seam.  Indeed, the intention was to produce an organic effect rather than a manufactured symmetry.  And the design delivers.

It was fun for me to run into Luminous Designs (LD) at the RFL Fantasy Faire, because LD participated for a bit over a year ago in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace designer apprentice program.  It’s always fun to see what the apprentice participants are up to.   Do see for yourself by visiting Luminous Designs at the Via Obscurium sim and help everything come up roses in the cause to find a cure for cancer.

Fashion Slurl

Luminous Designs:  “Blossom Bliss” (a RFL offering)

Fantasy Faire … Curious Kitties

Curious Kitties is synonymous not only with Neko fashion but also with fantasy wear, the designs and colors of which really have the effect of transporting you to another dimension.  At first glance, their main shop provides ample illustration of the range of cultures that Curious Kitties caters to:  Neko, Drow, Fae, Goth, Urban and probably much more.  Their main shop is also quite huge (note, I didn’t say “laggy” because it’s not laggy…but it is quite “huge”), so when you do visit their main shop do plan to spend time there.  But now that Curious Kitties is participating in the RFL Fantasy Faire, you can get a taste of their wonderful creations by checking them out at the Faire.  There, you will see not only incredible range, but you’ll also see incredible craftsmanship and imagination.  To illustrate the point, consider their RFL offerings that I feature in this weblog entry, beginning with “Dark Elves Floral Dress.” 

The Dark Elves Floral Dress is almost an elaborate filigree body tattoo that lays whimisically along the torso and upper thighs.  The bodice design — with its swirling blues, purples, and soft notes of white and red flowerettes — conjures up a magical spirit that rises from the forest bed to dance upon a moon drenched sky.  The skirt portion (or silks) of the dress certainly adds to that imagery.  The belt of the skirt echos the elaborate swirls in the bodice and holds a sheer grey-white silk that at first glance and even second glance almost looks as if its really made of a fog-laiden light woven unto itself.

While the wings are a separate purchase, they are another RFL vendor item that you’ll find immediately next to Dark Elves Floral Dress.  The wings are called “Enchanted Fairy Wings”…and they really are.  These wings are so other-worldly, which is almost a strange thing to say in Second Life, but it’s true.  They seem to hold the deepest, richest purple sunsets in them, a color that moves and shifts ever so softly with each gentle flutter.  The color shift must be the result of the creator’s beautifully realized decision to place four sheer layers of wings — with slightly different but harmonizing hues — neatly on top of each other. 

As the butterfly wings gently move, so too do the colors.  The perfect hair to complete the look is found in Curious Kitties’ Nyanotech 09-1B Elementian hair (another RFL vendor offering positioned near the dress and the wings).  I wasn’t about to alter the designers’ vision of this mystical creature by making a different hair choice.  Usually I do put my own personality on things when it comes to fashion, but I just loved the branches in the hair and the butterflies attached throughout that I didn’t even think twice about it.  I just knew.  And I just know it to be so perfectly perfect and right.

And I just know that when you check out Curious Kitties and pick up any combination of their RFL vendor items, you too will add them to your list of favorite shops to check out on a regular basis.  As for now, travel the winds to the Fantasy Faire for this mystical ensemble with the added bonus of knowing that your purchases of these RFL offerings will help fund the cause to find a cure for cancer.

Fashion Details

Curious Kitties:  “Dark Elf Floral Dress”, “Enchanted Fairy Wings,” “Nyanotech 09-1B Elementian” hair (all RFL offerings)

Fantasy Faire…Galaxia

Galaxia is a wonderful shop that provides a glimpse into the future with its fantastical skins and fashion.  In this weblog entry, I show Cyborg Skin Masked because it is so remarkable and stunning.   But bear in mind that Cyborg Skin Masked is not one of Galaxia’s RFL offerings.  Instead, Galaxia’s RFL vendor carries a darker, more gun metal colored Cyborg skin sans the mask…in other words, the entire face in their RFL version is cyborg instead of just part of the face as I show here.  

I just love this Cyborg Skin Masked, from head to toe:

Here (below) is a closer view of the detail.  It’s really hard to believe this is a skin.  It carries itself with such a steely strength, but clearly one made of titanium…powerfully strong yet supple — almost liquid — and sleek.  Do note that the ears, tail, boots, and hair that I show with Galaxia’s skin are all items I have had in my closet for over a year now (except the hair which I just recently purchased).  But I paired the skin up with all of these accessories because — well — wow!  

 The entire look makes for one very hot Cyborg Neko…any way you look at it.  Front, side, back…

…or up close and personal.  The only thing I would note about this skin — well three things:  the wonderful futuristic design is carried through down to the feet (but you can’t see that with my boots on…just know that it does and it’s wonderful that it does), and the mouth on this skin must be fairly downturned because my shape always carries a friendly smile.  Even so, this skin does tend to turn the corner of the mouth down quite a bit.  And the eyelashes on the skin?  Those are drawn into the skin, nothing was added to create that effect.

If you want to seize the future purrrfectly by its tail, head on over to Galaxia in the Sector SciFi sim of the Fantasy Faire.

Galaxia: Cyborg Skin Masked (remember this version is not a RFL vendor although RFL vendors of another Cyborg skin, a Drow skin and others may be found at Galaxia)

If you’re interested in the ears and tail, I believe I picked them up at BlackHeart.

Fantasy Faire … Evie’s Closet

A designer so very much identified as a creator of romantic fantasy wear is Evie’s Closet.  There’s a reason for this.  Evie’s creations are dewy and ethereal…and downright gorgeously realized.  Consider “Avery,” one of Evie’s RFL Fantasy Faire offerings:

Avery is designed down to each and every detail, as is the case with all of Evie’s creations.  No element is overlooked or a throwaway.  Everything has a place…and as the saying goes, everything is decidedly in its place.  As an example, take a gander at the sumptuous spray of flowers that wrap along the bodice to the sides and back of the top.  Such a beautiful finishing statement to both the babydoll gossamer skirt as one option, or the delicately ruffled ballerina skirt as the second option (both of which are included in the ensemble).


And no fairy or fae is truly of the fantasy world without a set of wings.  In the case of “Avery,” Evie provides wings that are modest in size but grand in presence.  Their graceful transparent expanse look as though they are covered with a light and airy icing that works so beautifully with the other design elements to create an uplift in mood and heart.

Typically, I don’t think of shoes when I feel fae.  I know I will always prefer being shoeless.  But I have to admit that the ballet flats included in the ensemble are perfectly sweet.  They cast just the right note to cause the entire presentation to flow so effortlessly, so literally from head to wings to toe. 

If you haven’t already, do make sure to stop at Evie’s Closet and pick up “Avery.”  At the same time, it’s a wonderful feeling to know that your purchase will help fund the work to find a cure for cancer.  Talk about spreading some wonderful fairy magic that will one day be real.

Fashion Details

Evie’s Closet:  “Avery” (just one of Evie’s RFL offerings)