Jaded Wings

There is a gorgeous sim — Jaded Wings — that makes the fae in me very happy.  Its wonderful mood and presentation are completely the opposite of jaded.  In truth, the build is exceedingly soothing and breathtaking.  This weblog entry is really more of a photo entry because the visual captures (the vast majority untouched) convey more than words really can about the wonderful mystery and soul that you’ll find at Jaded Wings. 

On your travels there, you might even come across an Ent.  Trust me, they are really huge (startling so!) and detailed in person!  I didn’t have opportunity to speak with this Ent, although the being stood there for quite a while before tp-ing off…but I’m not sure if it was long enough for the Ent to form a sentence in its mind.  For my part, I didn’t speak either as I frantically took photos, trying my best to capture the full height of the creature.


From the Ent alone, you might think that Jaded Wings provides the option to role play, and you’d be correct.  You can roleplay as either a fae, fairy, elf, or vampire.  The nice thing is that if you’re not interested in roleplay, you can still enter the sim without needing to do anything (like wearing a special tag or such)…and it appears you can still access every part of it, including the adjoining roleplay sims, like this wonderful elven forest.

If I was ever thinking about roleplay, I could see myself trying it at Jaded Wings.  But either way, I’ll definitely visit this area on a regular basis.  It’s just so intrinsically lush and deep in character.  The inclination to immerse yourself there is really a completely natural one.


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