RFL … Indyra’s Nouveau Riche

Today is the last day of the RFL Clothing Fair 2010.  While I may continue to share some of the wonderful fashion I purchased, I wrap up the journaling of the week-long event with a gorgeous RFL offering from Indyra Originals called “Nouveau Riche.”   Nouveau Riche presents a clean black canvas upon which one senses a sheer drapery fabrication.  The sides and back of this accessible yet elegant gown carry a lovely spray of white painted flowers that trails along your figure.

Here’s a closeup of the flowers on the back.  Finishing off the back bodice is a sweet, matching bow that’s perfectly proportioned to the mood of this design.

The collar that you see peeking out above is akin to a sheer black scarf wrapped about the neckline and topped with a gorgeous spray of burnished silver roses, still fully in bloom.

As if this gorgeous gown wasn’t enticing enough, the creators of Indyra included lower leg pant attachments, giving you two ways to wear this ensemble:  either as a gown or a pantsuit.  I’m typically not a big pantsuit fan, but Nouveau Riche’s take on a pantsuit completely wins me over.  It’s feminine and sexy with a classic personality…all of which is compelling in a very easy-going, comfortable, appealing way.

Any way you look at this creation and any way you choose to wear it — as a gown or pantsuit — Nouveau Riche comes up entirely roses, with a bloom that lasts forever.  Hurry over to the Paris sim (which is holding a fashion show of RFL items as I write this) and continue giving your support so richly to such an important cause.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer. 

Fashion details:

Indyra Originals in Paris:  Nouveau Riche (RFL vendor offering)

List of Sims and Designers


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