RFL … Morea’s Mareva Red

Last night, photoshop (PS) seemed to burn itself up every time I tried to remove the green background on the photos for the subject of today’s weblog entry.  Hence, the reason why I wasn’t able to publish a post yesterday and why I finally finished the weblog entry tonight.  

I attribute PS’s excitability directly to the stellar gorgeousness of Morea’s RFL offering “Mareva Red.”

This gown, with its glistening fabrication, is a spectacular flow of the richest cranberry red.  You just want to eat it up on sight…even when PS gives you fits, which it did a bit again tonight when I worked to recolor the green background out of the sheer tumbles of the gown.  The photo above casts the sheer layers a bit more brown than they actually are.  Truly all layers in this gown reflect the plummeting depths of a wonderful universe-filled red.  I was more successful capturing that fact in this photo: 

Mareva Red is a wonderful dramatic gown and provides one of few instances in which the idea of drama is actually gorgeously achieved.  This gown holds its own in any situation, under any light.  It pops spectacularly on a teal background (above), and it leaps off of the screen on a near-black emerald background (below).  So stunning is its presence that Mareva Red demands attention without uttering a sound, from the deepest of the deepest red color to the billowy cascades of fabric to the glorious large flower on the bodice that so artfully frames the beauty of every woman who wears this creation:


No matter how you look at this gown, you find yourself whispering, “wow…this is gorgeous.”  And indeed, it really truly is.  If you haven’t yet picked it up, head over to Paris at the RFL Clothing Fair, dress for lag, be patient, and get yourself some incredible gorgeousness in Mareva Red.   (This gown is *truly* smoldering…my browser has crashed twice as I’ve put this post together, so I’m hitting the publish button and quick while the post is still here!)

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

MOREA STYLE:  Mareva Red RFL vendor offering

List of Sims and Designers


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