RFL … *FakE*’s Inara Metals

*FakE*’s RFL offering “Inara Metals” continues the theme of fun, edgy, yet unmistakeably sexy…and then some.  With just one purchase, Inara Metals sweeps the minidress hotness competition by coming to you in three colorways:  bronze, silver, and gold.   That means no matter what color you choose to wear from this purchase, your fashion selection will be bursting with win.

For this weblog entry, I chose to show Inara Metals in silver because the scarf around my hair is white and black.  Typically, my fashion sensibility runs more than a bit to the iconoclastic but with a cheerful, confident, easy-going accessibility.  Inara Metals fits that bill nicely.  It’s interesting and has personality but without trying too hard and without getting wound up in a deadly serious fuss over itself.  If there’s a downside to this creation it would be the not-quite-complete panties or glitch pants, so do wear a black lingerie underpant if you’d rather not have sunshine (or roving cameras) blowing up your skirt.  

I just love kicking about in this sexy get up.  I love taking it’s clean lines and richly subdued fabrication and accessorizing to that quieter tone but also balancing it out with wild hair and hot boots that perfectly compliment the edginess in the fluted sleeves (fluted both at the shoulder and wrist).  The neckline that finishes off the detailing is the first sculpted neckline that I adore.  Without fail, I find I need to adjust these types of necklines to fit my curves…and that adjustment process typically is quite the ordeal.  But I found that with Inara Metals the construction of that neckline is so very well done that sizing it to fit was by far the easiest experience I’ve had todate with this type of neckline.

The tops of the ever adored Bax boots perfectly serve the line and mood of Inara Metals.  At a glance and upon longer inspection, you’d almost say the two should have been made to go together…precisely because they work so incredibly well together as to be made for each other.

The overall impact is a fashion statement that is not only great for clubwear it’s also great as “just because” wear.  Just because you want to.  Just because it looks so great.  Just because it smolders effortlessly and with dignity.

Dash on over, if you haven’t already, to *FakE* in New Dehli and score delightfully huge win with the RFL item “Inara Metals.”  And for that you’ll also get the added reward of knowing that 100% of the purchase price goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Talk about an all-out Win-Win!

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

*FakE* in New Delhi:  Inara Metals (RFL vendor item)


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