RFL … Luck and Zaara

An unlikely match made in heaven revealed itself when I paired another Zaara RFL item (the festive Tie n Dye* scarf top) with a Luck (Linc*) RFL item (the very sexy, skimpy ruffled mini).  You might think this smoking hot little number flirts with being a bikini…and you’re right!  But even though it isn’t a bikini — dang — it sizzles with the best of them!

The nice thing to note about what is a very skimpy skirt is that the glitch pants actually provide full coverage…bikini style.  That achievement by itself is something of a miracle given how little fabric there is to work with here.  But won’t you be glad for the “less is more” approach to fabric when we’re in the thick of the dog days of summer, either in RL or inworld on the myriad beaches that pepper the grid.  Speaking of beaches and waterways, be sure to pick up Dale Innis’s raucously fun Seaspray water vehicle, with its near endless color changing hud, variable speeds, and power booster for those boisterous airborne jumps along the waterways.  

Throw on this great combination, feel a cool breeze kiss your skin, and give the sun a helluva run for its money in terms of searing heat. 

Because you can.  10000000% with 100% of the RFL fashion purchase helping to find a cure for cancer.

Water vehicle details:

Dale Innis’s Seaspray water vehicle

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

Zaara in New Delhi:  Tie n Dye* Fuschia (RFL vendor item)

Luck Inc in Melbourne:  Linc* Ruffled Miniskirt in Brown (RFL vendor item)

List of Sims and Designers


2 thoughts on “RFL … Luck and Zaara

  1. Thanks for the nice words about the boats! 🙂 I don’t think I’m cut out to be an SL seller! I’d almost forgotten I was selling them. If anyone buys one and mentions it to me, I’ll gladly donate the proceeds to RFL too.

    (And this series of weblog entries is great…)

  2. Smiles wide, you and your boats (and all your creations) are truly wonderful! 🙂 I wasn’t trying to suggest that proceeds from the Seaspray should be donated to RFL…I just loved the way the boat and the outfit worked so beautifully together! You’re very very very wonderful (always) to be supportive of my RFL weblog series…receiving the press pass was a delight. I really felt duty bound to cover the event early and often…not only that but I enjoyed it. Such a great cause and a wonderful event. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $17,000 USD was raised from what the event organizers shared!

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