RFL … AZUL’s Sora

AZUL’s Sora (in a color exclusive to RFL 2010) is a long, tall drink of fabulousness.  Yes, I actually used the word “fabulousness” and believe me, that’s not a word that frequents my lips.  But even before spotting it as a RFL item at the Clothing Fair, I knew Sora to be brimming with fabulousness because I own this gorgeous gown already, only in the LapisLazuli colorway.  That didn’t prevent me from making the RFL purchase, because in any color, this is a gown that suits a Goddess.

There’s so much about Sora that I love…actually everything.  From the side slit up to there that is so deeply sexy precisely because layers and layers of sheer veiling cascade over and around your bare leg.  Yet for all this wonderful fluidity, you don’t feel overpowered by fabric in the least.  Sora is gently refined with its primal sexiness.

Here’s an image that reveals a sumptuously plunging back neckline while the gown pours itself out in a whisper of movement.  The silk of this gown saturates your form and glides as one with your body.  Note too the vine of flowers that serves as the shoulder strap…such gorgeous, opulent detailing.

Here’s a closeup of the shoulder strap, showing its graceful arch kissing the shoulder and the top back of this gown.

The delightful and surprising thing about Sora is that the flower shoulderstrap, which wraps between and around the breast, can be worn by even a voluptuous soul like me.  (I did need to reposition it a touch because I’m not model height, but other than that, I had no problem fitting the shoulder strap and in truth, was greatly surprised and very delighted that the flowers didn’t get smothered by my curves.)

What a joyful sigh of elegance that sings eloquently to you and all who see you when Sora drapes your Goddess form.  “Goddess” is another word that typically goes without saying but this gown compels its use.  Bring out and listen to your inner and outer Goddess in AZUL’s Sora RFL 2010 Exclusive, with yes all of the purchase price going to a heavenly cause.   

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details – RFL Clothing Fair 2010:

AZUL in Milan:  Sora RFL 2010 (RFL vendor item)

List of Sims and Designers


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