RFL … Tres Beau’s Amethyst

If you’ve seen the wonderful ad for the RFL Clothing Fair that shows a beautiful woman dressed in a gorgeous romantic gown and if you love that gown (god, who wouldn’t), go to Tres Beau in the Milan sim, pick up “Amethyst RFL 2010”, and pour yourself into this fashion feast.


Amethyst is an opulent satin gown.  Its gentle satin shine greets you with a softness that holds up no matter the lighting.  There’s nothing garish about this fabric or coloration.  Amethyst is generously rich yet so refined with its adornment of purple-blue flower bouquets that are scattered modestly and tastefully along the neckline and along the waistline.  To complete the presentation, a woman need nothing more than her natural beauty.  Then, the immediate overall effect is one of luxurious gorgeousness.

With its flowing silk train, this is a gown for a deliriously romantic midnight embrace.  It’s also a gown for running through a field of flowers in the early morning dawn as I show in the very first photo.  There is something about wearing a gorgeous gown in a field of flowers.  It’s so decadently luxurious and beckons every woman to become the centerpiece in all of nature’s glory.   But while it was difficult to move out of the flowers, I managed to so that I could show the train and hemline of this gorgeous creation.


Here’s a closeup of the back bodice with its decidedly romantic embellishments, both with the embroidery in the fabric and the flowers that grace the lower waist and hips.  The gentle coloring of the gown holds up with all kinds of background colors, although I must admit I prefer the darker colored background because it causes the detail to pop a bit more.

Here I show the front bodice, with its tender flowerettes that frame the neckline and the trail of flowers that flow around the waist.


What a glorious, romantical gown that you can wear while you roam the gardens inworld or dance in the moonlight or lounge and gaze at the skies.  Amethyst from Tres Beau may be found at the RFL Clothing Fair with the full knowledge that 100 percent of your purchase for this gown is going to help find a cure for cancer.  That’s some seriously wonderful and intelligent beauty all the way around.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details – RFL Clothing Fair 2010:

Tres Beau in Milan:  Amethyst RFL 2010 (RFL vendor item)

List of Sims and Designers


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