RFL … Zaara’s Mahari Bluebells

This is the first time that I’ve used a press pass for the annual Relay for Life Clothing Fair in SL.   (Here’s the official SL Clothing Fair weblog but if you’re raring to go, here’s the slurl to the main entrance of the Clothing Fair.  Do check the end of my weblog entry for the full list of designers in each sim — complete with slurls to the sims — as communicated by the Clothing Fair organizers.)

Everything about this year’s fair is absolutely gorgeous.  The sims are stupendous replicas of famous RL cities, with each sim devoted to the architectural and cultural influences of that city.  The wonderful thing is that even within the incredibly rich setting, the designer shops are laid out in an extremely clear and straightforward manner.  Honestly, as you tour the gorgeous builds and the shops that overflow with a multitude of gorgeous creations, you really do marvel at and appreciate the incredible amount of work that went into every aspect of this event.  Do take a tour, early and often.  Dress appropriately to reduce lag.  Check out Harper’s wonderful and very respected weblog “Passion for Virtual Fashion” for tips on dressing to reduce lag, as well as her always great fashion reviews.  And then step into these beautiful places inworld.  There, you’ll find an abundance of gorgeous fashion.  Throughout this week, I hope to showcase some RFL purchases I made.  By the way, most importantly, how incredible is it that 100 percent of the RFL vendor purchases is donated to help find a cure for cancer!  Is that fact alone enough to have caused me to shop early and often (way often!)?  You bet it is!  And the fact that there is an abundance of gorgeous fashion at the Fair?  Well, to “shop or not to shop” isn’t the question because the immediate answer is “shop!”

Kicking off this week with some of the RFL vendor items I picked up at the Fair is a gorgeous one from Zaara called “Mahari Bluebells.”  This dress immediately caught my eye.  Yet evenso, I have to admit the cut made me a bit nervous initially *only* because my shape is very curvy…very much so.  Typically, billowy or babydoll cuts flail against my shape, failing miserably to conceal all of my rather emphatic curves.  But I love the clean, womanly happy elegantly easy-going feel of this dress so much that I bought it and much to my delightfully happy surprise, Zaara’s “Mahari Bluebells” fits me like a glove.  Indeed, this is the very first time in all my three years in SL that I didn’t have to adjust my shape at all to fit a billowy, high waisted dress like this. 

What a dream of a dress it is, all around…front, back, and side:

Mahari Bluebells from Zaara (RFL 2010 vendor purchase)
Mahari Bluebells from Zaara (RFL 2010 vendor purchase)
Mahari Bluebells from Zaara (RFL 2010 vendor purchase)

I’ll be living in this dress, I can tell.  I just love it.  It’s so completely feminine and gorgeous but in an easy weekend sunny Sunday brunch before shopping with the ladies kind of way.  It makes me want to sashay with joyful confidence.  I’m betting it will have the same effect on everyone who purchases it.  Dash on over to New Delhi where you’ll find oodles of gorgeous RFL vendor items, including Mahari Bluebells from the ever wonderful Zaara.

WELCOME TO THE CLOTHING FAIR 2010  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Lightening Video. This is the main entertainment and entry sim!  Sim built by Nevar Lobo of SkyBeam Estates, Amethyst Starosin of SkyBeam Estates, Dana Vanmoer of www.sl-newspaper.com, Charlene Trudeau of SkyBeam Estates.

WELCOME TO LONDON  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Caliber Designs.  Sim built by Charlene Trudeau of SkyBeam Estates, Shaunathan Sprocket, Draconis Neurocam of Neurocam Industries, Talin Sands of Talin’s Workshop, Chandlr Bing.

Store List:
Apple May Designs
Gothic Passionate Dreams
*+Crie Style+*
 Pixel Passion
Total Betty
Adam n Eve
Lois Allen Designs
 SF Design
 INDI Designs
Earth & Sky Designs

WELCOME TO MELBOURNE  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Lapointe&BastChild.  Sim built by Viscount Menatep of Viscount Menatep Architecture,
Paul LaPointe and Bastchild Lotus of Lapointe&BastChild.

Store List :
Evie’s Closet
EBT (Emotional Blackmail Threads)
ED – Eclipse
Suki’s Silken Fashions
 Adored Clothing and Hair
Sparkle Skye Designs
Nyte n Day
Mer-Elf Creations
Lost Dreams DEsigns
Naughty N Nice
Luck INC
 Coconut Ice
WELCOME TO MILAN  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Moonstruck.  Sim built by Luna Barak of Moonstruck

Store List:
Gritzi Design 
Awesome Designs
ala Mood
PaJa = Pastaria and Jade Designs
Wilson’s Designs for Men
Tres Beau Designs
Glow Designs  
Styles of edo   
Kouse’s Sanctum 

WELCOME TO RIO deJANIERO  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Slapt.me.  Sim built by windyy Lane of windyy Lane Designs

Store List:
 Vitamin Ci
Couture by Cat
Dark Matter
~Mystic Sky~
Lemania Indigo Designs
Hell Bop Clothing
Peeps Fashion
ALESSANDRA – Skins & Fashion
Epic Fantasy Wings & Clothing
Casual Elegance
 On A Lark  
 A&k Designs

WELCOME TO PARIS   Thank you to our sim sponsor, House of RFyre.  Sim built by: windyy Lane of windyy Lane Designs.

Store List:
House of RFyre
 *GutterPup*/Trashy Designs
Thalia’s Fashion Collection
Avrele Designs
Simone! & Style Starts Here!
 The Crystal Queendom
~*{ The Black Canary }*~
Bliss Couture
EROS Fashions by Keth
Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry
Heart & Sole
The Curious Seamstress of Greenwood Designs
Indyra Originals
Shiki Design
Solange! Fashions

WELCOME TO NEW DELHI  Thank you to our sim sponsor, Mashooka Designs.  Sim built by Grace Loudon of Everwind and Rustic, Sean Devin of Draft Architecture, Kriss Lehmann of Botanical

Store List :
Haven Designs
Silk & Satyr
BeNoir designs
FallnAngel Creations
Fantasia & FakE
Brocade Tiger
My Precious by Agnes Finney

WELCOME TO NEW YORK CITY  Thank you to our sim sponsor, N’Vhe.  Sim built by Melody Regent of Regent Estates, Motor Loon of MLCC Motor Loon Custom Cycles, Talin Sands of Talin’s Workshop, Sunday Ayres, Luna Bliss of Bliss Garden Center

Store List :
DKs & PixelThreads
SpellBound “”
Stellar by Lexi Morgan
 If The Shoe Fits
SD Wears
OMFG (I Love It)
Audacious Designs /Slick
Moxie Polanos Haute Styles
 Phoenix Rising
Sinful Pleasures

WELCOME TO TOKYO   Thank you to our sim sponsor, Seri Writer of the Roman Sim.  Sim designed and built by Seri Writer of the Roman Sim, Mermaidee Juliesse of the Roman Sim, miki Morigi of forest feast and Bis_Swimwear, Maruru Mayo of (Ru)Works Cyber Sector, Ran Renfold of shop !129129

Store List:
Rose Princess
Gallery fumiwo
Umi Usagi
Body Canvas
Milky House
Blue Blood
Bare Rose
Honey kitty
NONKO romankan
Ume Mode
 House of Zen
LIka House
Alienbear Designs
Virtual Impressions
G Field


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    1. Greetings! So noted. I corrected it within the listing that I had copied directly from the inworld group notice. Could very well be that something was transposed somehow between the inworld copy and the weblog paste. But at any rate, thanks for catching it and bringing it to my attention!

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