Vintage Glass in spring bloom

Tiffy Vella, creator of Eclectica Jewellery, has an artistic sensibility that is not only intricately elegant but that is also wonderfully aware.   What I mean by this becomes obvious when you view Tiffy’s creations, in this case her latest jewellery wardrober called “Vintage Glass.”   (As is always the case with Tiffy, she doesn’t pretend to give you a full wardrobe with each purchase.  In point of fact, she truly provides the entire ensemble and then some:  two dangling earring styles (not one but two), a ring, a necklace, and a bracelet.  By the way, the price point for all of this — for the quantity of items provided *and* most importantly for the astonishing quality that is Tiffy’s signature — is amazing inandof itself.) 

In Vintage Glass, I show the color set called “Art Glass.”   Vintage Glass comes in a wonderful color run, by the way, with all the colors anticipating spring’s arrival.  But as for the color “Art Glass,” it speaks of swirling fiery auroras as captured within each glass gem. That color presentation and mood is gorgeous by itself but really when you first glance at this wardrober and then continue to look more deeply, Vintage Glass keeps surprising you.  Because you can’t help but appreciate the incredible amount of refined intricacies contained within it: from each link, the beadwork…including the gem caps surrounding each glass orb to the overall flow of the set.  This is what I mean by the incredible awareness of Tiffy’s eye.  She takes each creation at the gestalt and moves so gracefully into each distinctive part, somehow keeping her creative vision on both throughout the process.  That is no easy feat.

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Here (below) is a close up that attempts to capture some of the extensive orchestration involved in Tiffy’s artistry.  Note the gentle fire contained in the gems.  This gorgeous beadwork is carried through even to the crown of the ring, the bracelet, into the necklace (which is complete with a back dangle and a swag of beads dangling at the end of the necklace), and into each earring set (one set with a single drop of glass beads, another set with a swag drop of glass beads).

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

A closeup of the single drop earring:

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

A view of the lovely back dangle of the necklace, where Tiffy doesn’t hold back from placing her exacting attention to detail:

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Full circle to another presentation of the overall ensemble…the wonderful, refined beauty and elegance of the whole.

Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Simply — for all the wild depth and amazing complexity — gorgeous.

The gorgeous Vintage Glass wardrober from Tiffy Vella creator of Eclectica Jewellery can be found in two locations:  Shengri La (this slurl takes you to the landing point in Shengri La; from there, the coordinates for Ecelectica Jewellery in the Shengri La sim are:  148, 11, 27) and in Sinaburoe.


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