Chinese Bamboo Garden

Chinese Bamboo Garden is one of those places that reveals its mystery in layers.  The build is so stark in its presentation it almost convinces you that it’s a empty slate in wait of a story.  Yet, when you visit Chinese Bamboo Garden (as I did twice, first with my very treasured friend when we encountered many newborns there for some reason, and then on a return visit), do spend time there by walking its incredibly wide open expanse and blending your form into the bold yet contained painted skies.  Because it’s then that you will begin to see its very many layers of artistry deepen…to such a degree that the Garden’s layers of austere beauty begin to lift up and reveal themselves.  

It’s quietly mesmerizing. 

In a world of ever-compounding noise, Chinese Bamboo Garden entices precisely because it is in no need of anything overdone or overblown.  Its staggering depth simply doesn’t need to even try to impress with the usual attention-grabbing gimmacks.  …and this quiet confidence is true at every turn here.

Painted skies at Chinese Bamboo Garden

Chinese Bamboo Garden in Windlight

Note the painted sky even in windlight.  Do play with the windlight presets in this build.  It’s fascinating to see how the light seeps into the canvas, on the ground and in that wonderful painted sky.  It’s such a gorgeous silk screen heaven, yet it’s truly something far more than one dimensional.  The cloud movements caused by the various windlight presets work in such perfect harmony with the painted sky.  Like a lovely sheer veiling, neither competing nor submissive…instead, encouraging a wonderful gentle collaborative dance.

Chinese Bamboo Garden in Windlight

Chinese Bamboo Garden

For the perfect compliment, I was utterly thrilled to wear two BareRose fantasy garments that have been in my closet for eons, just begging for the perfect place to display them.  I absolutely love these outfits of mine, and these gorgeous bodywear work so perfectly here.

Chinese Bamboo Garden

 With that sky.  The ground.  The trees.  The mood of the landscape.  Just all of it.  You can’t help but be drawn into it.  It’s everywhere majestically, confidently so at Chinese Bamboo Garden, a very fast favorite place indeed.

Chinese Bamboo Garden

2 thoughts on “Chinese Bamboo Garden

  1. Hi, William! My apologies for not replying to your other comments, but I do very much appreciate that you visit this weblog and read my entries and share your thoughts! I think you are right that maybe I showed too much of me and my clothing in this entry about Chinese Bamboo Garden, but I just love those outfits very much. I encourage you to visit Chinese Bamboo Garden if you should visit Second Life at all. It’s really a wonderful place. Very sparse yet at the same time very rich and beautiful with all its minimalist approach.

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