Jaded Wings

There is a gorgeous sim — Jaded Wings — that makes the fae in me very happy.  Its wonderful mood and presentation are completely the opposite of jaded.  In truth, the build is exceedingly soothing and breathtaking.  This weblog entry is really more of a photo entry because the visual captures (the vast majority untouched) convey more than words really can about the wonderful mystery and soul that you’ll find at Jaded Wings. 

On your travels there, you might even come across an Ent.  Trust me, they are really huge (startling so!) and detailed in person!  I didn’t have opportunity to speak with this Ent, although the being stood there for quite a while before tp-ing off…but I’m not sure if it was long enough for the Ent to form a sentence in its mind.  For my part, I didn’t speak either as I frantically took photos, trying my best to capture the full height of the creature.


From the Ent alone, you might think that Jaded Wings provides the option to role play, and you’d be correct.  You can roleplay as either a fae, fairy, elf, or vampire.  The nice thing is that if you’re not interested in roleplay, you can still enter the sim without needing to do anything (like wearing a special tag or such)…and it appears you can still access every part of it, including the adjoining roleplay sims, like this wonderful elven forest.

If I was ever thinking about roleplay, I could see myself trying it at Jaded Wings.  But either way, I’ll definitely visit this area on a regular basis.  It’s just so intrinsically lush and deep in character.  The inclination to immerse yourself there is really a completely natural one.

RFL … Indyra’s Nouveau Riche

Today is the last day of the RFL Clothing Fair 2010.  While I may continue to share some of the wonderful fashion I purchased, I wrap up the journaling of the week-long event with a gorgeous RFL offering from Indyra Originals called “Nouveau Riche.”   Nouveau Riche presents a clean black canvas upon which one senses a sheer drapery fabrication.  The sides and back of this accessible yet elegant gown carry a lovely spray of white painted flowers that trails along your figure.

Here’s a closeup of the flowers on the back.  Finishing off the back bodice is a sweet, matching bow that’s perfectly proportioned to the mood of this design.

The collar that you see peeking out above is akin to a sheer black scarf wrapped about the neckline and topped with a gorgeous spray of burnished silver roses, still fully in bloom.

As if this gorgeous gown wasn’t enticing enough, the creators of Indyra included lower leg pant attachments, giving you two ways to wear this ensemble:  either as a gown or a pantsuit.  I’m typically not a big pantsuit fan, but Nouveau Riche’s take on a pantsuit completely wins me over.  It’s feminine and sexy with a classic personality…all of which is compelling in a very easy-going, comfortable, appealing way.

Any way you look at this creation and any way you choose to wear it — as a gown or pantsuit — Nouveau Riche comes up entirely roses, with a bloom that lasts forever.  Hurry over to the Paris sim (which is holding a fashion show of RFL items as I write this) and continue giving your support so richly to such an important cause.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer. 

Fashion details:

Indyra Originals in Paris:  Nouveau Riche (RFL vendor offering)

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RFL … Lapointe’s Tempt

“Tempt”, Lapointe&Bastchild’s RFL offering, lives up to its name.  And then some.  Because not only will you be tempted to purchase it, you’ll find yourself doing so immediately.  And you won’t regret it for a minute.

Tempt is a sultry sexy outfit of deep mauve leathers, burnt silver metal detailing and a cropped boyfriend shirt.  It’s perfect for hitting the road and exploring new vistas…anything from biking down Linden highways, dancing at clubs to purchasing RFL items today, the last day of the RFL Clothing Fair 2010. 

Tempt’s jacket was a surprising breeze to fit to my curvy shape.  I’m full-bodied so I did need to adjust it a bit, but it took only a couple of minutes to size it correctly.

Here’s a close up of the jacket…it covers my breasts without looking like a tank, which is no small feat.  I love the look of all the sculpted and prim jackets throughout the grid, but I find that by the time I’ve sized most of them to fit my curves, I look like the Incredible Hulk.  Such is not the case with Tempt, which lays in a tightly fitted way along the torso without being swallowed up and without overwhelming.

Tempted conveys a polished rugged individualism…the same birthplace of countless great discoveries and ideas…the same spirit that works in community to effect genuine, meaningful change.  Head on over this last day of the RFL Clothing Fair 2010 to the Melbourne sim and continue to put your name on genuine, meaningful change.  Purchase Tempt with the knowledge that 100% of your actions in the form of the proceeds from the sale of this (and all) RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer. 

Fashion details:

Lapointe&Bastchild in Melbourne:  S’Wear Tempt Merlot Leather Outfit (RFL vendor item)

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RFL … Lost Dreams’s Red Carpet Gown

Today is the first official day of spring, and I awoke to an earth blanketed with three inches of snow.  The heavy white lacey flakes are tumbling still.   It’s almost enough to cause one to think that the atomic weather has rendered spring’s tender blooms a lost dream.  But then I went inworld and adorned a RFL offering from Lost Dreams.  When I did, I found those tender blooms completely reclaimed.  And serenely so.   

Lost Dreams’s RFL offering “Anne Hathaway’s Red Carpet Gown” truly captures the innocence and glory of spring and does so with a flourish.  I’m certain this gown mirrors the one worn in the atomic world by the star on the Red Carpet, although I couldn’t say having not seen any of the pre-award shows…or the award shows themselves, for that matter.  But the only thing that truly matters to those of us who love gorgeous fashion, is how delicious this virtual version is and how softly it adorns the body. 

Please note, the necklace, earrings, and bracelet are not part of the gown purchase.  In fact, they come from a completely different creator.  I’ve had this jewelry ensemble since last fall season but pulled the pieces out now in spring because the set harmonizes so beautifully with this gentle dress…the jewelry made of cascading white flowers; the gown strewn with gently soft pink, green, and white flowers along tender green sheers.  In the picture that follows, I show a close up of the gown’s flowers as they lay so gracefully along the thighs and hips.

And the view from the back is just as stunningly gentle.

This image below I’m including just because.  You’ll note the color of the gown has more of a golden hue cast.  When I set up my green screen/stage inworld, I do so on our parcel and not in a studio with controlled lighting.  I wasn’t as aware of the benefits of an enclosed studio, but the last couple of days as I’ve been taking images of RFL items, I’ve seen how the movement of digital time and digital stars like the inworld sun really have a substantial impact on the appearance of color and tone.  The image below was the first image I took early this morning.  The images above were captured mid-morning (after I had finished distracting myself with a hunt) on the same parcel, on the same green stage in the same position.  The only thing that had changed was time and with it, the movement of the inworld sun.  It’s fascinating to see that even when you think you can hold the sun constant inworld, you really can’t hold the lighting constant.  But the wonderful thing is that even with the golden hue, Lost Dreams’s Red Carpet gown pays beautiful homage to spring’s luster.  Just do know that the gown’s color — sans the effect of the sun’s high noon position — is a lovely, soft minty pale green. 

So fresh.  So clean.  So endearing.  So beautiful indeed.  As is the fact that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.

Fashion details:

Lost Dreams in Melbourne:  Anne Hathaway’s Red Carpet Gown (a RFL vendor item)

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RFL … Morea’s Mareva Red

Last night, photoshop (PS) seemed to burn itself up every time I tried to remove the green background on the photos for the subject of today’s weblog entry.  Hence, the reason why I wasn’t able to publish a post yesterday and why I finally finished the weblog entry tonight.  

I attribute PS’s excitability directly to the stellar gorgeousness of Morea’s RFL offering “Mareva Red.”

This gown, with its glistening fabrication, is a spectacular flow of the richest cranberry red.  You just want to eat it up on sight…even when PS gives you fits, which it did a bit again tonight when I worked to recolor the green background out of the sheer tumbles of the gown.  The photo above casts the sheer layers a bit more brown than they actually are.  Truly all layers in this gown reflect the plummeting depths of a wonderful universe-filled red.  I was more successful capturing that fact in this photo: 

Mareva Red is a wonderful dramatic gown and provides one of few instances in which the idea of drama is actually gorgeously achieved.  This gown holds its own in any situation, under any light.  It pops spectacularly on a teal background (above), and it leaps off of the screen on a near-black emerald background (below).  So stunning is its presence that Mareva Red demands attention without uttering a sound, from the deepest of the deepest red color to the billowy cascades of fabric to the glorious large flower on the bodice that so artfully frames the beauty of every woman who wears this creation:


No matter how you look at this gown, you find yourself whispering, “wow…this is gorgeous.”  And indeed, it really truly is.  If you haven’t yet picked it up, head over to Paris at the RFL Clothing Fair, dress for lag, be patient, and get yourself some incredible gorgeousness in Mareva Red.   (This gown is *truly* smoldering…my browser has crashed twice as I’ve put this post together, so I’m hitting the publish button and quick while the post is still here!)

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

MOREA STYLE:  Mareva Red RFL vendor offering

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RFL … A la Folie’s Anglaise Bleue

A la Folie’s RFL offering Anglaise Bleue is a sweet dress that reflects nature’s gentle awakening in spring.  I love this little dress.  It’s very charming and polite yet darling with its soft ruffles along the bodice and subtle cascades of eyelet fabric in the skirt.  Take a gander at just a couple of photos that show the delight of Anglaise Bleue.  I took these photos in sunrise, yet despite the warm light, the blue coloration is simply a lovely endearing color.

Here’s a closeup of the fabric.  You can just about feel the sun’s gentle rays weaving through the cotton. 

When you wear this design, you definitely will feel the tender splendor of spring.  Dress for lag, be patient, and head over to the Clothing Fair where you’ll find this very pretty, sweet item that so epitomizes the promise of gentle seasons and gentle dreamings.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

A la Folie in Rio deJaniero :  Anglaise Bleue (RFL vendor item)

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RFL … *FakE*’s Inara Metals

*FakE*’s RFL offering “Inara Metals” continues the theme of fun, edgy, yet unmistakeably sexy…and then some.  With just one purchase, Inara Metals sweeps the minidress hotness competition by coming to you in three colorways:  bronze, silver, and gold.   That means no matter what color you choose to wear from this purchase, your fashion selection will be bursting with win.

For this weblog entry, I chose to show Inara Metals in silver because the scarf around my hair is white and black.  Typically, my fashion sensibility runs more than a bit to the iconoclastic but with a cheerful, confident, easy-going accessibility.  Inara Metals fits that bill nicely.  It’s interesting and has personality but without trying too hard and without getting wound up in a deadly serious fuss over itself.  If there’s a downside to this creation it would be the not-quite-complete panties or glitch pants, so do wear a black lingerie underpant if you’d rather not have sunshine (or roving cameras) blowing up your skirt.  

I just love kicking about in this sexy get up.  I love taking it’s clean lines and richly subdued fabrication and accessorizing to that quieter tone but also balancing it out with wild hair and hot boots that perfectly compliment the edginess in the fluted sleeves (fluted both at the shoulder and wrist).  The neckline that finishes off the detailing is the first sculpted neckline that I adore.  Without fail, I find I need to adjust these types of necklines to fit my curves…and that adjustment process typically is quite the ordeal.  But I found that with Inara Metals the construction of that neckline is so very well done that sizing it to fit was by far the easiest experience I’ve had todate with this type of neckline.

The tops of the ever adored Bax boots perfectly serve the line and mood of Inara Metals.  At a glance and upon longer inspection, you’d almost say the two should have been made to go together…precisely because they work so incredibly well together as to be made for each other.

The overall impact is a fashion statement that is not only great for clubwear it’s also great as “just because” wear.  Just because you want to.  Just because it looks so great.  Just because it smolders effortlessly and with dignity.

Dash on over, if you haven’t already, to *FakE* in New Dehli and score delightfully huge win with the RFL item “Inara Metals.”  And for that you’ll also get the added reward of knowing that 100% of the purchase price goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Talk about an all-out Win-Win!

100% of the proceeds from the sale of RFL vendor items goes to help find a cure for cancer.  Fashion details:

*FakE* in New Delhi:  Inara Metals (RFL vendor item)