Alpha et Omega

Alpha et Omega is a “quadrillion light years away,” and when we explored this magnificent build a few days ago, we immediately felt transported to quite another time and place.   Gorgeous images of Alpha et Omega grace v wonderful friend’s Dale Innis’s flickr stream,  Ana Lutetia’s weblog,  and the Alpha et Omega flickr group.   

I revisited the build early the next night to try to snap a set of photos.  I was too absorbed in the experience the first time…and even the second time, but on the second visit I took my usual several minutes (plus hour) to try to capture even a small part of the incredibleness of this build.  

Even though my photos don’t do justice to this build, I couldn’t help but share them. The build has a signature that clearly presents itself.   Alpha et Omega is a wonderful juxtaposition of constant movement (designed with artful intention) and serenity on multiple levels:  from the monochromatic tone of the environment, the mesmerizing music stream to the gentle blending of distinctive shapes and forms that are everywhere the eye can see but that are somehow still so incredibly nonintrusive to the senses.  It’s an amazing balance of art and mood, form and  context.  Do visit.  If you enjoy the wonderful artistry in SecondLife, you’ll eagerly travel a quadrillion light years away early and often to Alpha et Omega.


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