Rose Flower

Although for many it’s still winter, the temperature is rising just a little.  The snow’s beginning to melt just a little.   Even the sun poked its head out from behind some clouds just a little.  Couldn’t say if it saw its own shadow.  But no matter how many weeks remain in winter, we can all have more than a little bit of spring right now thanks to Misteria Loon and her new creation “Rose Flower.” 

Take a look at this gorgeous vision of a gown from Misteria’s Pas De Deux label.

"Rose Flower" by Misteria Loon, creator of the Pas De Deux line of fashion

There are a few things to note about the artistry in this piece.  In Rose Flower, Misty’s design clearly intends to frame the beauty of every woman who wears it.  The neckline — dramatic yet exceedingly gentle — is an amazingly executed arrangement of billowy large pastel petals that flow gently and that exist purely to showcase the face.  Your gorgeous face is the center of this flower.  Your gorgeous face is the focal point in this entire gorgeous design.  And the amazing thing is that Misty manages to achieve this quite masterfully even though her design comes with a gazillion options.  Well, not literally a gazillion, but the generous layers she provides in each of her creations is just as amazing as her incredibly beautiful, whimsical creations. 

In Rose Flower, for example, the beautiful neckwear comes in two versions:  one version contains the neckwear by itself; another version contains incredible wings attached to the same gorgeous neckwear.  These wings are light and airy yet still command a presence.   Like so: 

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion

I show the short skirt (mid-thigh) in the pictures above.  Misty also provides a side panel for each leg as add-ons to the short skirt should you want to intensify the imagery of petals (shown in the next photo, poofed out even a bit more due to the effect of transitioning between poses).  

"Rose Flower" by Misteria Loon creator of Pas De Deux fashion

For a much longer bloom, Rose Flower also comes in two gown versions:  one with a train that creates the illusion of a flower in bloom along the surface of the ground; and the other with a hemline that flows gently over the feet.  Although this gown is gorgeous on any parcel, Rose Flower, for me, is so incredibly ethereal that I had to take to the air to photograph it (which is why all the photos are in the sky):

"Rose Flower" from Pas De Deux fashion by Misteria Loon

You may have noticed that I now show the neckline sans the wing in these photos.  You may have noticed also the gently plunging back of the dress.  I love a gorgeous back on a dress just as much as I love a gorgeous front neckline.  I don’t understand why some designers ignore the back or view it as unimportant or a throw away.  If you want all eyes to be on you as you enter a room, you most assuredly want all eyes to remain on you as you walk and move through the room.  But I’m meticulous in my view of this because not only do I care about the front and the back, but I also care about the side views as well. 

Yes, I want 360 degrees of amazingness:

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon of Pas De Deux fashion

Which leads me full circle back to the point of Rose Flower…and back to what should always be the goal of any piece of fashion:  to showcase the wearer.  In this case, to showcase the gorgeous beautiful bloom of a woman.  In any and in all seasons.

Rose Flower utterly in bloom at Pas De Deux

Rose Flower by Misteria Loon from her Pas De Deux label at the Shengri La Marketplace


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