Random Explores

I try to make it a habit to visit some of the places listed in the Showcase tab.  I’ve come across wonderful builds that way, and of course, I learn of others by reading lots of weblogs, too.  But yesterday I explored the “Showcase way” and visited two places:  Kingdom of Sand and Garden of Dreams. 

Here I am at Garden of Dreams, ironically enough, in a skybox demo:

Exploring a Skybox demo (odd as that seems) at Garden of Dreams

It’s probably just the way I look at things, but I have to say I don’t get the juxtaposition of skybox demos in a garden build.  It’s not that the skyboxes or the demos are bad.  They are, in fact, quite lovely.  It’s just that they (about 5 or 6 demos and other for-sale items) rather dominate the entrance, which I have to admit was a surprise.  (That and signs for “Garden of Dreams 1” and “Garden of Dreams 2” dominate the entrance.  I will have to go back there again to see what the distinction is between 1 and 2 because it wasn’t entirely clear in the signage.)  All of which leads me to say that I didn’t see much of the actual garden because I spent more time in the skybox demos…not because I’m in the market for one, but because I like to see how they are designed and decorated.  (The indoor pool in the demo above is a nice touch, I admit.)  Since I was being all Fae, I had hoped to find a wonderful, serene forest or water garden area in Garden of Dreams.  The name of the build certainly lends itself to that expectation…maybe it’s there and I just didn’t go deep enough into the build to find it. Instead, after looking at very lovely skybox demos, I pulled up the Showcase tab and tried another place.  This one, Kingdom of Sand.

Here I am, Faery of Arabia at the Kingdom of Sand:

Faery of Arabia at Kingdom of Sand

Wandering the desert there, yes, a bit confused.  Kingdom of Sand is role play (I’ve never roleplayed despite being inworld now for three years).  When I arrived at Kingdom of Sand, I tried to decipher rather obscure instructions in the greeting area.  The instructions attempted to direct first-time visitors like myself to follow signs (none of which fully conveyed their purpose) to find a room (within a large Marketplace area filled with nooks and crannies and hints at possible rooms) for an Explorer Hud among possible roleplay huds (none of which were found easily, aside from the for-pay roleplay hud…yes, serious roleplayers at Kingdom of Sand actually pay for the priviledge).  When I finally found the room (off to the side and which might have been more apparent to me if I hadn’t entered through the main doors into a vast sea of vendors…instant distraction!), I hunted around for several more minutes to find the free Explorer Hud (the vendor is a large standing vase), which gives a free three-day pass to explore the Kingdom.  Beyond the free three days I imagine the Kingdom will require the purchase of the serious roleplaying hud (I don’t know if this is true or not, but will have to return after the three days to see.)    So while the little bit that I saw was lovely, I did find it all just a touch confusing.  And ironically enough, the conversation I overheard from many of the role players centered on clubs to visit outside of the Kingdom and on FL activities, but that could have been a fluke or that could have been because my Explorer hud clearly indicated I wasn’t immersed in role play.

So two different builds, both a little confusing albeit both quite lovely from the very little bit that I saw.  I probably shouldn’t have posted this entry quite so soon, without a second visit to each place to see how the rest of the builds-experience reveal themselves.  But even with that little bit of a taste, it was a different enough experience for me when it comes to random exploring that I felt like sharing.  And too…I really like this Faery ensemble, head to toe.  So a great excuse to post pictures!