Designs on Helping

I’m a skin and hair fanatic with the best of them.  When I logged inworld and received notecards about ways to donate monies to Haiti via the Red Cross International Response Fund by buying skin and hair, I didn’t hesitate.  I didn’t even try the demos on. 

The point isn’t really so much the products, which are lovely indeed.  The point is the chance to reach out and help, even in a small way, while you’re inworld.  Proceeds from the sale of these products benefit Haiti via the Red Cross International Response Fund.  If you should want to donate more while you’re at either LeLutka or Maiterya, both shops have a Red Cross vendor that accepts donations.   Or consider donating to Doctors Without Borders (grateful acknowledgements to my v wonderful and treasured friend for this recommendation).  I found it a very painless and easy process to donate directly at the Doctors Without Borders website.

Skin and Hair information:

Skin:  LeLutka IFELight Haiti, available at a special price of 550L with all proceeds going to the Red Cross in support of Haiti

Hair:  Maiterya  Sasha Bistre with a color changing knit cap, available for a limited time at the pre-release price of 50L and also available in Ash Blonde at the same pre-release price

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