In a land called Twas

…is a gorgeous and mysterious place called Decay.  I’ve been there three times and each time was captivated by its beauty, serenity, and depth.  Do visit and step into another world inworld.  Set your environment to midnight, pick up the notecard at the entrance to learn the creator’s suggestion for a wonderful windlight preset that works so beautifully there.  Most of the photos below used that present (I forgot the name…it has “plum” in the title…but do touch the sign near the entrance for a notecard that will give you the full name.) 

Decay is yet another one of those builds created with a great deal of love.  I won’t try to describe the serene beauty of Decay…a name that speaks to the gorgeous old worldliness of the surroundings.  A very small sneak peek of some photos describes it far better than words.  It’s one of those places where every photo is wonderful.  I’ve posted a few photos here (click on each to enlarge), the others I’ve uploaded to flickr.

kindred fae
In a place called Decay using the Bryn Oh environment preset

The photo above uses a Bryn Oh windlight preset.  All the others use the windlight preset recommended by the creator of Decay.

Serene Beauty
kindred spirits
Steward of Light
Dance of Ages

It’s a soulful world.  A beautiful place of quiet ease that invokes images from the Ages.  After your first visit, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you return to it many times over again.


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