Deconstructing Fashion

I couldn’t resist trying on the persona of a fashionista today when I stumbled upon the release of LeLutka’s Ultra line.  I am very far from a fashionista as I’m much more at home in a fluid casual feel, but that’s not to say that I don’t appreciate wonderfully inventive and edge-y looks.  LeLutka’s Ultra line is definitely that.  I purchased only four pieces (high restraint on my part as I wanted nearly every piece in the shop) and spent all day playing with the purchases, wearing them as full sets and also mixing and matching various components from each purchase.   The fact that the pieces work so beautifully across the line more than suggests a wonderfully cohesive vision.  To start it off, here I am in one of several incredible sculpted gowns; this one is aptly named “Constricted” (in Snow).  (Not sure why the photos look fuzzy in the entry, but if you click on them, they seem to come into focus better.)

LeLutka Ultra, Constricted (in Snow)

The back of the corset and neck art come complete with wonderful lacing detail that finishes off the gorgeous textures in the entire look.  I found myself fascinated by this gown.  It has such a strong presence and yet is refined and adventurous all at once.   For some reason, I wanted to deconstruct it and get a feel for its range.  So from this look I started mixing the components of the other purchases together.

The bodice in this photo (above) is the top from the Constricted gown, paired with the skirt from the Emperatriz ensemble (in Black).  Emperatriz is a wonderful dress ensemble.  The skirt is flexi, and its accompanying top is a very see-through, very light mesh top that is elegantly designed and constructed, all of which — top and skirt — is finished off with a prim corset.  I admit I often find it difficult to wear some prim corsets because of my very curvy shape.  But for those with a more trim shape, I think you’ll love the corset, which really cinches in the waist and lends a substantial yet elegant trim around the body.  The delightful find for me was discovering that the pieces from the Ultra line can even pull off an urban flavor.  Grant it, it’s a kind of high-end urban feel, but no matter how you categorize it, it’s fun to see the couture top and neck art of Constricted paired with LeLutka’s Enigma pants (in Red):

From here it was very easy to pair Enigma with LeLutka’s Postal military jacket (in Rose):

Here’s another look at the jacket (this time paired with pants from LeeZu).  The jacket’s versatility provides for the option of attaching its sculpted cape.  Ah!  And the mesh top that you see under the jacket?  That’s the top that accompanies the flexi skirt from the Emperatriz ensemble (that I mention above). 

By this point, I was pretty excited and nearly overwhelmed by all the possibilities in LeLutka’s Ultra line.  And so, feeling nearly overwhelmed, I began to strip the look down.  Who would think the Constricted gown would be so lovely even down to its nearly bare minimum, but it really is:

And the skin and hair?  Both are also LeLutka’s and both come in the skin releases.  (Well, of course the skin would, but the hair does as well 🙂 )  I’m wearing the new skin, Estelle in the dark hairbase and attached the dark PonyUp hair that comes with it.  If one is so inclined, LeLutka also provides (within the same purchase yet!) a light hairbase (blonde, with blonde brows) and a blonde PonyUp hair, great eyelashes, and two makeups.   Alot of bang for the lindens!  (The ears and forehead jewelry are from two other shops entirely, but I really liked the feel of it all together.)

Deconstructing a fashionista-style entry even further, I’d like to close by saying how very much I admire the efforts of the fashion webloggers who post entries everyday or even every week.  This is a great, great deal of work (from finding the creations to review, putting the look together, finding the best poses — you can tell I peetered out a bit above using the same pose more than once — and then cropping and preparing the shots from a large file of digital film, and doing the write up, getting the slurls, the garment names, gah it’s extremely involved!).  It’s truly a great deal of work and I’m more than humbled by those who commit to do this on a very regular basis.  Especially when you factor in that probably many (if not most) of the talented souls doing so, do this on a volunteer basis.  That part I understand.  You do it for the love of it and because you believe in it. 

And that’s a wonderful thing.  Much like you’ll find LeLutka’s Ultra line.  Wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Deconstructing Fashion

  1. Great blog Michele, I love the look of a lot of these especially those great pants by LeeZu! And yes I am very appreciative of the committed SL fashion bloggers. It really is a labor of love! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Gita! I love the look of the Ultra line and LeeZu too! And likewise…it’s a labor of love and an expression of great talent from wonderful content creators like yourself! 🙂

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