In the Spirit

…of what the Christmas season and event are really about (and no, I don’t mean mullets):

The birth of Unconditional Love is miraculous indeed.  All these years later, Bob Geldof’s musical collaboration and dedication to help others outside of kith and kin who were, and no doubt still are, in need continues to pepper my flesh with chills of admiration.   If I were asked to name one of my heros (I have more than one), one of them would be Bob Geldof precisely because of his selfless charity work.  I heard “Do They Know It’s Christmas” on the radio on my drive home from a Christmas celebration.  And I blasted the song, singing with all of my heart, feeling yet again what the spirit of this season is really about.  Unconditional Love, helping others, being grateful for all that we have, not taking things for granted because often times there are far more people in the world who have it far worse than we do…”There but for the grace of God (or Fate or Logic or the Singularity or -insert your belief here-) go I”.  Generosity of Spirit is as much a part of the human condition as anything and doesn’t get nearly enough props.  The song was a wonderful reminder to me that the Spirit is brought to life every day by good people doing exceptional things, unencumbered by Hallmark Cards or Black Friday sales.  And that reminder alone is a glorious gift indeed.

Published by Michele Hyacinth

A child in the wild blue yonder...full blooded woman with the power just to be. ~ John Haitt

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