Sugar and Spiceness

Misteria Loon, creator of Pas De Deux fashion, brings us vibrant heat this holiday season with her latest creation, the “Spanish” gown.  But it’s really far more than a gown.  With four skirt choices (from bonbon, short, tiered, to full), “Spanish” is truly a tango in a package.   In “Spanish,” Misty crafts a design that is at once darling sweet and spicey smoldering hot…hot enough, in fact, to more than burn up any cold winter day.  Take a gander at “Spanish” in red.  The dress vibrates with a flirty naughty joy.


Firery Red Spanish gown by Misteria Loon from her Pas De Deux label


This is no timid red.  Not a reserved red.  No way a demure, refined red.  Instead, Misty’s red and this dress grabs the matador, brings him to his knees,  and is immediately noticed…without the need to demand it.  This is a pulsing fire-engine-five-star-alarm red that bursts with unmistakable energy and playfulness, even as it saunters toyfully toward the edges of a boisterous orange-red.  If you want joyful heat — and who doesn’t on these cold grey winter days — this is exactly the red you want in exactly the dress ensemble you want because this little number is chock full of exuberance in all of its skirt options.  Here’s the gown attachment, all billowy and sweet at the waist where it meets a plunging back that devours the body.

Smoldering Tamale in Misteria Loon's Spanish dress

Does even the gown attachment undulate through any dance or walk you put to it? 

You tell me…

Hot Tamale ... Misteria Loon's "Spanish" dress in fire engine red

And I’ll tell you, you can’t go wrong with any creation from Misteria Loon.  She’s an amazing talent who, in all seasons, creates festive dresses that love a woman’s body and that women love to wear.  With Misty’s playfully seductive design, multitude of skirt options, and incredibly reasonable prices, it doesn’t get much sweeter or much hotter than Pas De Deux, now with the new release of “Spanish.” 

You’ll find “Spanish” at Pas De Deux’s main shop in the Juliet sim or its satellite location in Phat Cat’s sim.

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