Aliens Get into the Groove

Dancing at a very fun club the other night, I cammed the club after everything had rezzed and after I got myself situated only to discover lo and behold that I was fluttering around with my cyberpixie wings dancing not too terribly far away from an Alien.  Not just *any* Alien, no.  I’m talking *the* Alien with a capital “A”…the one along with its freakin scary Queen and colony of soldiers that did all their nasty things to humans and tormented Ripley through all those sequels. 

I wondered why I would be seeing this at a club, but after a while inworld we all learn not to question these things.  Still.  After three years inworld this is the first time in a very long time that I’d been surprised by a look.  No doubt this look was pulled out of the closet for the club’s best “Bad Ass” contest.  What a great great look for that, and really what a killer look for something wildly and completely different.  In my book, this look won the contest hands down (or is that pincers down or tallons down or two-foot extending snapping jaw down).  Frankly, I was a bit nervous to be standing so close to that tail.  Not to mention that I found it a bit unsettling to see this formidable and downright scary creature (in look only because in local chat the resident wearing this look was incredibly nice and funny) unwinding.  Like this…

And this…

And this…

Aliens get their groove on too and with a very impressive degree of quality.  I think I studied every detail of this look extensively and I know I wasn’t the only one doing so.  When you see the scariest thing in outer space putting on dancehud smexy moves, it’s not something one can casually look away from.  It was — yes — most definitely the best “Bad Ass” outfit there.  And definitely most definitely completely out of this world.


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