Dale Innis’s Seaspray 1.1!!

My very very wonderful friend Dale is amazing in so many ways…from scripting, building, photography, teaching, mentoring, writing, brilliant thinking, terraforming to his incredibly open, caring, generous, beautiful heart and soul.  I would need to write more than several posts to even try to describe all of how wonderful Dale is as a person and to everyone who knows him.   And even then, words would fail.  But where words do succeed is in describing Dale’s latest creative venture:  that of a brilliant content creator!  Yay!!!!

Avid about so very very many things, among them boating and the ocean, Dale’s first product offering is a truly fitting one:  a hawt, powerful water vehicle that is jam-packed with amazingness:

Very Wonderful Dale and the Seaspray 1.1
very Wonderful Dale on his wonderful Seaspray 1.1
Very Very Wonderful Dale and the Seaspray 1.1
Very Wonderful Dale and the wonderful Seaspray 1.1

 Dale’s Seaspray 1.1 (available at Busy Ben’s Lot 44) is an incredibly sleek and scorchingly sexy, powerful and raucously fun boat.  I’ve had the great honor of watching Dale create the Seaspray — through various stages from conception to finished vehicle.  And I also had the wildly great fun of beta testing the Seaspray 1.1.  This boat tears through the waterways and handles with such elegance and grace even with all of its massive power.  It effortlessly slices along the top of the ocean.  It zips smoothly forward and backward, turns with gorgeous agility in any direction, and for those moments when you really want to amp it up, press the pgup key a few times in succession and see what happens!

I **love** the Seaspray.  It is built for speed(s), agility, wonderful surprise, and unquestioned hawtness.  And all of that comes not only from Dale’s beautiful imagination, design and scripting, but also from his beautiful selection of textures.  This baby is fully loaded.  Dale gives us 125 different colors, glow and shine features on a wildly hot boat that manuveurs in all directions, has screamingly fast and gently modulated speeds, and can be made to go air borne.  How much did you ask?  50L!  yes…50L!  Yes…TWO digits.  Only 50L!   For that price, Dale is basically giving away an AMAZING creation.  So put on your hottest, baddest racing swimsuit, zip on over to Busy Ben’s Lot 44, and snap up Dale’s utterly fantastic Seaspray 1.1.  I love it so much — and just can’t believe the price, honestly — that I literally purchased the Seaspray a few times (even though Dale generously gifted one to me), and I would gladly do so many more times.  Because it’s just that wonderful and that wonderfully fun.

Note:  Stay on the lookout for additional Seaspray products from Dale, who plans to release the Seaspray Subscription Line (100L for everything described above plus free updates for the life of the product) and the Seaspray Rezzer (200L for an unending stream of Seasprays to be enjoyed by friends and guests and the bonus is the boats automatically clean up after themselves when they are no longer in use!).


2 thoughts on “Dale Innis’s Seaspray 1.1!!

  1. Aw, you are much too kind. 🙂 It is just a little two-prim zipping-about sort of boat. But I am having fun RPing Store Owner! An’ writing scripts.

    (The update system seems to be working; next to write the rezzer! Then the nocopy demo version that explodes after N minutes of use. 🙂 )

    And maybe I should add some kind of nice-looking wake…

    And… 🙂

  2. Smiles wide, you know…words just fail and although I am kind I’m not being kind when I try to say how wonderful you and your creations are. Your Seaspray is a wonderful wonderful wonderful *very* sexy powerful fun boat! Oooooo I will run out and buy the update system now (and the rezzer when it’s ready and yes even the exploding after N minutes one because that seems fun on an entirely other level! A sea wake would be gorgeous…and and and…a logo!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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