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Transformations, a jewelry installation of Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo, November 7th, 7 AM SLT, Shengri La sim 79.217.401

It is with great delight and pleasure that I share a little bit about Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry.  Yoona is a huge talent.  She is a graceful, delicate soul whose outer elegance belies her inner strength.  As a Shengri La curator, I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing Yoona for many months while she participated under Shenlei Flasheart’s tutelage in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace for new or early-emerging designers.  When Yoona came to Shengri La, she brought with her an astounding ability to work and very finely tune tiny tiny tiny prims and connect them together to form unbelievably intricate works of art in the form of jewelry.

And, Yoona’s artistry is simply breathtaking, as evidenced (below) by just a couple of the many pieces to be featured during “Transformations.”  By the way, the “Transformations” jewelry installation is at 7 a.m. STL because Yoona is from the Pacific Rim in FL, and the 7 a.m. SLT timeslot is the best hour to accommodate a pretty huge time difference.   (It will be very very late at night for Yoona and her friends, while very very early in the morning for many of us.)

But no matter the hour, I’ll be there with bells on (and coffee in hand).  In actuality, I’ll be there with the great honor of modelling one of the pieces to be featured:  the glorious jewelry wardrobe called Harvest Moon (below).  What can I say…I *love* this set.  It is unbelievably intricate and yet so richly detailed and somehow despite its delicate nature has such an unmistakable presence that it completely amazes.  

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
Harvest Moon from Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo

When I first saw Harvest Moon a few weeks ago, I gaped and purchased the earrings immediately.  (Yoona sells her earrings and necklaces separately, both at unbelievably reasonable prices.)  But I had snapped those earrings up shortly after Yoona created them and so I eagerly anticipated the creation of the accompanying necklace.  Then, because I have the good fortune of modelling in  “Transformations” (which I would do in a heartbeat in support of Yoona), I was gifted with the complete Harvest Moon set.  By the way, Harvest Moon comes in an array of gem choices.  My favorite is the diamond (featured in photos).  But all of them — from diamond, emerald to ruby and more — astound and confirm over and over again Yoona’s monster-size talents.  This level of design — from conception to build — is amazing.   For such a tiny, gentle soul with such a delicate and refined eye, Yoona is a screamingly massive talent.  Take a closer look at all the amazing intricacy in design on the earrings alone.   Simply wow!

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
earring detail of Harvest Moon set by Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

From earrings to necklace, Yoona echoes design elements, repeating the strongest theme in the structure even when the designs are ethereal and organic in feel, which the vast majority of Yoona’s creations are.  She creates this cohesive, beautiful symphony of levels and depth all in one set and interprets FL nature (Yoona’s source of inspiration) into gorgeously wearable jewelry-art for us to enjoy inworld. 

Here’s Yoona’s “Wisteria” set (below).  It, too, comes in a range of gem choices from diamonds, black pearl, ruby, to emeralds.

Yoona Mayo's Cocoon Jewelry
Wisteria earrings and necklace by Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

Here (below) is a photo that I share in an effort to show the dimension in the necklace.  The center design element on the necklace lifts up gently away from the body and the other branches of the neckwear.  The overall effect is this gorgeous depth and mimmicking of the wonderful cascading effect we see of wisteria in nature.  Only in this case, Yoona brings us a cascading effect of gems:

Yoona Mayo's Wisteria set
Wisteria earrings & necklace from Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

Not only is Yoona’s source of inspiration nature, but she loves working tiny prims and she does — indeed, she does — like nobody’s business.  In fact she’s elevated it to an artform in a way that very, very few have.  Please do come to “Transformations,” meet Yoona and see firsthand how incredible Yoona’s artistry truly is.  You’ll come away just as amazed as we all are, those of us who have had the pleasure of working with her.  And you’ll be sure to come away with any number of gorgeous wardrobe sets to fit perfectly in with the upcoming holiday season…really, with any season.

Transformations, a jewelry installation showcasing the gorgeous jewelry of Yoona Mayo, creator of Cocoon Jewelry

November 7, 7 a.m. STL, Shengri La sim (79.217.401)


Note:  I am continuing to write entries for NaNoWriMo(s) but am withholding posting them until after the November 7th Transformation show.

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