Oh! Burning Life!

I’ve been on this frantic tour of Burning Life this past week and weekend thinking that it was closing today (but perhaps that’s just the events and not the builds?).  My very favorite moments have been with very wonderful friend Dale, who has gorgeous captures taken within seconds (!!!) and fun weblog entries chronicling this year’s Burning Life.  Being Lamplighters and sharing in that experience together was not only fun (and it really was) but the feeling of celebrating such wonderful shared expression was really moving.  Really powerful.  It reminded me how very, very much I look forward to Burning Life every year.  It’s so *very* SL.   

So yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon retracing the Lamplighter path.  The lag was pretty heavy at the time of the Lamplighter Parade with lots of people participating and lots of particles and fire, but that didn’t stop me from loving every second of the experience.  Wonderful Dale waited patiently for me as my machine went through a series of locking up-unlocking, and when it did unfreeze, I managed to create some landmarks with the thought that I would come back to visit some of the builds we had passed as we walked and flew in the parade.

What I hadn’t realized is that the parade route had us walk (fly) directly past Bryn Oh’s build.  Like everyone, I wanted to see her build and had found the slurl on the 12 Big Art Plots list that I came across in Plurk.  (Again, thinking that BL was closing today, I wanted to at least go to these 12 builds, but as Dale shared there’s probably still another week of BL to see the builds sans the BL-related events.)  So yesterday, I take the slurl to Bryn Oh’s build and as serendipity would have it, there was the lovely artist herself.

Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented
Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented

I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Bryn as a friend, but I do so admire her work and her look, which is equally mesmerizing.  She stood on the saltflats, busied with a build, naturally.  🙂  It looked to be a spontaneous artistic moment for her, so I walked a ways past her, not wanting to disturb her process but keeping my camera poised…just because how can anyone not photograph her?

Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented
Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented

The wonderful ambiance in the photos is created by using one of Bryn Oh’s environmental presets.  I realize this will be quite provocative to say but the treasure trove of fantastic environmental presets that come with the Emerald viewer should be getting as much buzz as bouncing boobs.  I know, I know…who doesn’t love bouncing boobs?  They are, afterall, the key to World Peace.  But!  The environmental presets in Emerald!  Oh! My! Gosh!  Seriously, *do* check them out if you haven’t already. 

Bryn Oh’s presets transform what is already a phenomenal artistic place called Burning Life into a wholly different feel of the same environment.  And besides that…the camera really loves her and her works.

Bryn Oh's "Vessel's Dream"
Bryn Oh's "Vessel's Dream"

I have lots of photos of Burning Life 2009, which I’ll eventually cull through and upload onto flickr.  I’ve snapped the boatload of these photos on these return trips to BL when I could cam for hours on end trying to find a cohesive composition.  After seeing Bryn Oh and snapping her using her environmental preset (nearly camera-stalking her, I admit, because my camera just wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer), I felt compelled to take most of the horde of BL pictures by using a mix of environmental presets.  They bring a wonderful artistic overlay onto images that reveal a wonderfully rich artistic experience…because it’s everywhere around you at Burning Life.  Which is really a powerful reminder that it’s really everywhere — to varying and wonderfully unique degrees — around us when we tap into our imagination.   

How does that go?  “Your World(s)…Your Imagination”?


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2 thoughts on “Oh! Burning Life!

  1. Lovely pictures!

    Yeah, I think the story is that all the official events and official support for stuff is over, but that the sims are to be left up for another week, and camp owners are being unofficially encouraged to leave their stuff up for people to continue exploring in that time. There will no doubt be some “afterburn” events also, albeit unofficial. And I think there will also be some more or less permanent exhibition or something somewhere with stuff about and from BL09, too. Although (obviously!) I’m not sure of the details…

    1. You are so incredibly wonderful, generous, and amazingly talented! 🙂 It took me *several* minutes to capture Bryn Oh. I was lucky that she was so immersed in her build that she stood quite steadily for me to take a round of photos after setting up my camera. For the other BL photos (many I still need to upload to flickr, but I need to pull the good ones out from the batch), it took hours for me to snap them. You know how much time it can take me to snap an image…it’s a real art and one that doesn’t come easily to me. You are so utterly amazing in so many ways including your artistic eye…the incredible photos you compose and capture while flying and all in the midst of chaos within seconds, literally seconds time. You are so incredibly talented and that’s an understatement. And so incredibly knowledgeable in a multitude of areas! I didn’t know how the BL week(s) really played themselves out, but thanks to you, now I do! Thanks to you such an amazing wonderful time!! 🙂

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