No Longer Elusive Men’s Wear

Please plan to attend

“Mainly Men” a fashion installation showcasing corporate men’s wear, October 24th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La sim (107, 115, 1699)


Whenever anyone talks fashion inworld, a sentiment that’s nearly universally expressed is the perception that quality men’s wear is a rarity.  I’m not a designer, but friend and seasoned RL and SL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart is.  Shenlei has shared that when it comes to designing men’s wear the mesh is particularly challenging.  Although I don’t know what the design process entails, I don’t doubt it when Shenlei says a particular design is challenging.  I also don’t doubt that if anyone can overcome that challenge, Shenlei can.

Case in point, her new line of corporate men’s wear to be featured on October 24th in the Shengri La sim (107, 115, 1699) at 4 pm SLT during the “Mainly Men” fashion show.  Here’s a very quick peek at an item Shenlei gifted to me.  And, yes, that’s me in my male shape wearing one of her suits (although I seem to be limited to grunge boots for my male shape):

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

I write about Shenlei a great deal not only because we’re friends.  I’ve volunteered my time and effort to help out because Shenlei is incredibly talented and does a great many wonderful things for a great many people.  She does this in an effort to support and nurture others’s dreams, and she does it without any fanfare.  Shenlei is the owner of the Shengri La sims.  She is the creator of the six-month apprentice-designer program, the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace that I curated for the last year and out of which emerged seven wonderfully new and incredibly talented designers who launched their creativity inworld through Shenlei’s help and mentoring.  She has written a primer on best practices for designing fashion in virtual worlds (available at Amazon).  She’s a long-standing developer and collaborator in Open Sim, and over the summer, she taught (inworld) a three-month fashion design course for actual FL students who — by the end of the course — not only created a label and new designs but also received FL college credit toward the completion of their degrees.  Through all of this, Shenlei created the concept of static fashion installations to showcase the amazing work of these fresh new talents.  Helping friends realize their dreams, nurturing new inworld designers…Shenlei does a great majority of these activities gratis, at no charge to anyone, and she has done so over the past nearly 1-1/2 years now that I’ve known her…probably longer in point of fact.  As if that isn’t enough, Shenlei also designs gorgeous gowns for her successful Debutante line and yes, somehow found time to overcome what most inworld designers have found to be so vexing about creating men’s wear. 

Here’s another look at Shenlei’s men’s wear line, which is offered under her Debutante label, by the way.  The photo that follows shows the same suit depicted above, just at a different angle (verily an “up-pant” shot I daresay).  

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart
Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

In this next picture, here’s the same suit again, just with a close up of the jacket, vest, shirt, and tie detail…

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart
Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

While I may not know how to behave like a man, when I wear Shenlei’s corporate attire for men, I have no trouble whatsoever pulling off a sophisticated, refined look.  You’ll find it to be a dream, too.  

Do please see for yourself by attending:  “Mainly Men” fashion installation of refined men’s wear, October 24th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La (107, 115, 1699). 

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