Purple Prose

It is with great joy that I share news of the Purple Prose Jewellery installation featuring Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella.    Great joy not only because the jewelry is gorgeous, the set design beautiful, but Tiffy is such a wonderful, screamingly talented soul who also happens to be genuinely nice.

Please do join us at “Purple Prose” featuring Eclectica Jewellery on October 17th at 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301)

Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

“Purple Prose” is conceived, developed, and sponsored by mega talented FL and SL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart (inworld name).  Shenlei is CEO of the Fashion Research Institute (FRI), owner of the Shengri La sims, and a long-time developer-collaborator in Open Sim.   Shenlei continues to amaze with all her endeavors, in this case, by pushing the creative boundaries of fashion shows.  She led the way with the use of static fashion installations — venues that place attendees in the center of the event with the models, thereby removing the “velvet rope” that exists purely to create barriers between the audience and the event.  Shen also was the first to encourage interaction in static fashion installations, with models and attendees engaging in conversation about the items or in spontaneous storytelling as inspired by the evocative mood of the fashion and the venue.

As with previous FRI fashion shows, “Purple Prose” promises to cast a sultry and passionately lyrical presentation.  (Last spring’s, wildly successful “Primal Elegance” comes to mind as an example.) 

With Eclectica Jewellery, you may recall my mentioning over the past year that Tiffy was one of the original apprentice-designers in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace program (also created by Shenlei).  Tiffy’s craftsmanship was divine when she began the program.  But since that time, her artistry has achieved unimagined heights.  Take a gander at the Herbal jewelery ensemble (first photo below).  I was lucky enough to be gifted with Tiffy’s Herbal ensemble so I could provide a sumptuous sneak peek at one of the many wonderful creations that will be featured during “Purple Prose.”   Tiffy’s attention to detail — and her masterful execution — are both out of this world.

Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
“Herbal” from Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Her exquisite artistry holds true with the wonderful Dragonfly ensemble (next photo and the ring photo above).  When Tiffy first released Dragonfly, I literally bolted to her shop and bought it within seconds of its release.  What you receive with this purchase is unreal:  earrings, ring, neck adornment, waist adornment of such amazing depth and detail it’s astonishing.  Yes, Dragonfly comes with jewelry for the waist.  It’s not a belt…it’s gorgeously faceted adornment for the front and back of the waist that I wore on top of a very lovely but otherwise plain gown.

Like all of Tiffy’s pieces, Dragonfly is absolutely *spectacular.*   From the moment I saw this set, I loved it down to all its many beautiful pieces and graceful swirls.

Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

The level of detail and care that Tiffy puts into each of her pieces is simply remarkable…although there’s actually nothing simple about it.  She marries rich complexity with such breathtaking elegance and does so on a consistent basis.  So much so, that one could easily say this was Tiffy’s signature style: unimagined depth with breathtaking elegance.  When you join us at Purple Prose, you’ll see what I mean firsthand:  “Purple Prose”, October 17th, 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301).

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