Rising in Light

recent NPIRL post used very little in the way of words to describe “Rising in Light” by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String, and Miso Susanowa. 

Once you go there to check it out, you’ll appreciate why.  It’s mesmerizing.  It’s amazing.  It’s engaging.   And the station is fully aware, floating in the heavens above the planets.

Voices:  Orion's Arm

The scale and complexity of this futuristic being are difficult to describe and to capture in photos.  Really, it’s a creation that’s best experienced firsthand.  Be sure to be a fearless clicker and you will be rewarded with any number of marvelous visual perspectives, like this (that’s me in the space pod):

Voices:  Orion's Arm

Voices:  Orion's Arm
“Rising in Light” by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String and Miso Susanowa

To give an idea of size, that’s me in the photo above (barely visible just above the right “arm,” blurred back into the blue somewhat in the neighborhood of the mid-upper right corner) traversing the expanse of this sentient being.  This photo really doesn’t provide the proper idea of scale, because this creation extends down and around as if you’re looking through the center of a kaleidoscope. 

“Rising in Light” can be found in Extropia Core. The build was inspired by Orion’s Arm Universe Project  and its “…vast interstellar empires.”  Indeed, when you visit, you’ll want to stay for a while.  Because no matter how you look at it, “Rising in Light” is not only vast…it makes an absolutely huge impact.

"Rising in Light" by Truthseeker Young and Deebrane String
"Rising in Light" by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String and Miso Susanowa

8 thoughts on “Rising in Light

  1. It really is a wonderful creation, I agree! 🙂 It’s even more impressive in person so if you can you should make sure to check it out sometime!

  2. What a lovely write-up, Michele, thank you!

    I just wanted to also give a HUGE shout-out (and more importantly: collab-credit) To Miso Susanowa, who composed the sounds and did the scripting to give Rising its interactive voice!

    IMHO, it was her contribution that really pulled the whole build together & brought the station to life. Yaay, Miso!

  3. One of the artists himself, Truthseeker, YaY!! So very honored and glad to welcome you here. 🙂 Your collaborative effort is simply amazing! Huge kudos to you and fellow artists Deebrane and Miso. My apologies for not mentioning Miso’s wonderful sounds that fit so perfectly in the creation and make it all so very much alive. (I’ve updated the post to include Miso.) And I agree…Miso’s sounds and scripting are very important parts of what makes the experience so wonderful. Ohhhhhh and a video stream! I missed that but definitely will make sure to click the play button when I revisit the truly wonderful “Rising in Light.”

  4. Thank you, Michele! Truthseeker pointed me to your blog… As i said in my own blog, I was very anxious and worried over whether I could possibly give a Voice to Truthseeker’s incredible realization of Deebrane’s conception. Truthseeker and Dee were very encouraging and patient, and I was very pleased that I managed to contribute to some part of Rising In Light’s being.

    Many thanks again for the faith and confidence in me shown by Truthseeker and Deebrane. Don’t forget to play the video! I was very careful that Rising’s Voice would support and harmonize with the video’s soundtrack.

  5. Another one of the artists! Greetings, Miso 🙂 and such a delight to welcome you here 🙂 Oh what you, Truthseeker and Deebrane created is wonderful indeed…you needn’t have worried (although as an artist that may be part of your creative process and how you elevate yourself to even higher levels of creativity 🙂 ). Thank you so much for sharing parts of your process with me, and I’ll absolutely make sure to play the video soundtrack when I return again!

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