Oh! Oh!

Little did I realize that another fascinating build at Burning Life was created by another Oh…Selavy Oh, to be precise, who brings us “The Irregularity.”

Hovering within "The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh

This is an immense, fascinating build that you just have to see.  It is at once utterly minimalistic and profoundly complex.  Beyond the fascinating juxtaposition between the “simple” and the complicated, “The Irregularlity” is also wonderfully *huge*…

"The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh at Burning Life

"The Irregularity" by Selavy Oh, with The Man in the background at Burning Life

That’s The Man in the background (pre-torching) but captured in the photo in an effort to convey scale.  I returned to “The Irregularlity” a few times…because the more I looked at it, flew within it (seeing the wood beams flash with a gentle light with each passing), the more it drew me in.  I’m sure I’ll be back there again this week while it’s still around to try again to get a good capture of it.  And just to cam around while inside it to marvel at all of the dimension it suggests.  “The Irregularity” is amazing — such a delightful surprise that packs a quiet whallop.  Quite consistently.

Oh! Burning Life!

I’ve been on this frantic tour of Burning Life this past week and weekend thinking that it was closing today (but perhaps that’s just the events and not the builds?).  My very favorite moments have been with very wonderful friend Dale, who has gorgeous captures taken within seconds (!!!) and fun weblog entries chronicling this year’s Burning Life.  Being Lamplighters and sharing in that experience together was not only fun (and it really was) but the feeling of celebrating such wonderful shared expression was really moving.  Really powerful.  It reminded me how very, very much I look forward to Burning Life every year.  It’s so *very* SL.   

So yesterday, I spent a good part of the afternoon retracing the Lamplighter path.  The lag was pretty heavy at the time of the Lamplighter Parade with lots of people participating and lots of particles and fire, but that didn’t stop me from loving every second of the experience.  Wonderful Dale waited patiently for me as my machine went through a series of locking up-unlocking, and when it did unfreeze, I managed to create some landmarks with the thought that I would come back to visit some of the builds we had passed as we walked and flew in the parade.

What I hadn’t realized is that the parade route had us walk (fly) directly past Bryn Oh’s build.  Like everyone, I wanted to see her build and had found the slurl on the 12 Big Art Plots list that I came across in Plurk.  (Again, thinking that BL was closing today, I wanted to at least go to these 12 builds, but as Dale shared there’s probably still another week of BL to see the builds sans the BL-related events.)  So yesterday, I take the slurl to Bryn Oh’s build and as serendipity would have it, there was the lovely artist herself.

Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented
Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented

I don’t have the pleasure of knowing Bryn as a friend, but I do so admire her work and her look, which is equally mesmerizing.  She stood on the saltflats, busied with a build, naturally.  🙂  It looked to be a spontaneous artistic moment for her, so I walked a ways past her, not wanting to disturb her process but keeping my camera poised…just because how can anyone not photograph her?

Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented
Bryn Oh, the lovely & talented

The wonderful ambiance in the photos is created by using one of Bryn Oh’s environmental presets.  I realize this will be quite provocative to say but the treasure trove of fantastic environmental presets that come with the Emerald viewer should be getting as much buzz as bouncing boobs.  I know, I know…who doesn’t love bouncing boobs?  They are, afterall, the key to World Peace.  But!  The environmental presets in Emerald!  Oh! My! Gosh!  Seriously, *do* check them out if you haven’t already. 

Bryn Oh’s presets transform what is already a phenomenal artistic place called Burning Life into a wholly different feel of the same environment.  And besides that…the camera really loves her and her works.

Bryn Oh's "Vessel's Dream"
Bryn Oh's "Vessel's Dream"

I have lots of photos of Burning Life 2009, which I’ll eventually cull through and upload onto flickr.  I’ve snapped the boatload of these photos on these return trips to BL when I could cam for hours on end trying to find a cohesive composition.  After seeing Bryn Oh and snapping her using her environmental preset (nearly camera-stalking her, I admit, because my camera just wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer), I felt compelled to take most of the horde of BL pictures by using a mix of environmental presets.  They bring a wonderful artistic overlay onto images that reveal a wonderfully rich artistic experience…because it’s everywhere around you at Burning Life.  Which is really a powerful reminder that it’s really everywhere — to varying and wonderfully unique degrees — around us when we tap into our imagination.   

How does that go?  “Your World(s)…Your Imagination”?


No Longer Elusive Men’s Wear

Please plan to attend

“Mainly Men” a fashion installation showcasing corporate men’s wear, October 24th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La sim (107, 115, 1699)


Whenever anyone talks fashion inworld, a sentiment that’s nearly universally expressed is the perception that quality men’s wear is a rarity.  I’m not a designer, but friend and seasoned RL and SL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart is.  Shenlei has shared that when it comes to designing men’s wear the mesh is particularly challenging.  Although I don’t know what the design process entails, I don’t doubt it when Shenlei says a particular design is challenging.  I also don’t doubt that if anyone can overcome that challenge, Shenlei can.

Case in point, her new line of corporate men’s wear to be featured on October 24th in the Shengri La sim (107, 115, 1699) at 4 pm SLT during the “Mainly Men” fashion show.  Here’s a very quick peek at an item Shenlei gifted to me.  And, yes, that’s me in my male shape wearing one of her suits (although I seem to be limited to grunge boots for my male shape):

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

I write about Shenlei a great deal not only because we’re friends.  I’ve volunteered my time and effort to help out because Shenlei is incredibly talented and does a great many wonderful things for a great many people.  She does this in an effort to support and nurture others’s dreams, and she does it without any fanfare.  Shenlei is the owner of the Shengri La sims.  She is the creator of the six-month apprentice-designer program, the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace that I curated for the last year and out of which emerged seven wonderfully new and incredibly talented designers who launched their creativity inworld through Shenlei’s help and mentoring.  She has written a primer on best practices for designing fashion in virtual worlds (available at Amazon).  She’s a long-standing developer and collaborator in Open Sim, and over the summer, she taught (inworld) a three-month fashion design course for actual FL students who — by the end of the course — not only created a label and new designs but also received FL college credit toward the completion of their degrees.  Through all of this, Shenlei created the concept of static fashion installations to showcase the amazing work of these fresh new talents.  Helping friends realize their dreams, nurturing new inworld designers…Shenlei does a great majority of these activities gratis, at no charge to anyone, and she has done so over the past nearly 1-1/2 years now that I’ve known her…probably longer in point of fact.  As if that isn’t enough, Shenlei also designs gorgeous gowns for her successful Debutante line and yes, somehow found time to overcome what most inworld designers have found to be so vexing about creating men’s wear. 

Here’s another look at Shenlei’s men’s wear line, which is offered under her Debutante label, by the way.  The photo that follows shows the same suit depicted above, just at a different angle (verily an “up-pant” shot I daresay).  

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart
Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

In this next picture, here’s the same suit again, just with a close up of the jacket, vest, shirt, and tie detail…

Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart
Corporate Menswear by Shenlei Flasheart

While I may not know how to behave like a man, when I wear Shenlei’s corporate attire for men, I have no trouble whatsoever pulling off a sophisticated, refined look.  You’ll find it to be a dream, too.  

Do please see for yourself by attending:  “Mainly Men” fashion installation of refined men’s wear, October 24th, 4 pm SLT, Shengri La (107, 115, 1699). 

Purple Prose

It is with great joy that I share news of the Purple Prose Jewellery installation featuring Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella.    Great joy not only because the jewelry is gorgeous, the set design beautiful, but Tiffy is such a wonderful, screamingly talented soul who also happens to be genuinely nice.

Please do join us at “Purple Prose” featuring Eclectica Jewellery on October 17th at 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301)

Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

“Purple Prose” is conceived, developed, and sponsored by mega talented FL and SL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart (inworld name).  Shenlei is CEO of the Fashion Research Institute (FRI), owner of the Shengri La sims, and a long-time developer-collaborator in Open Sim.   Shenlei continues to amaze with all her endeavors, in this case, by pushing the creative boundaries of fashion shows.  She led the way with the use of static fashion installations — venues that place attendees in the center of the event with the models, thereby removing the “velvet rope” that exists purely to create barriers between the audience and the event.  Shen also was the first to encourage interaction in static fashion installations, with models and attendees engaging in conversation about the items or in spontaneous storytelling as inspired by the evocative mood of the fashion and the venue.

As with previous FRI fashion shows, “Purple Prose” promises to cast a sultry and passionately lyrical presentation.  (Last spring’s, wildly successful “Primal Elegance” comes to mind as an example.) 

With Eclectica Jewellery, you may recall my mentioning over the past year that Tiffy was one of the original apprentice-designers in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace program (also created by Shenlei).  Tiffy’s craftsmanship was divine when she began the program.  But since that time, her artistry has achieved unimagined heights.  Take a gander at the Herbal jewelery ensemble (first photo below).  I was lucky enough to be gifted with Tiffy’s Herbal ensemble so I could provide a sumptuous sneak peek at one of the many wonderful creations that will be featured during “Purple Prose.”   Tiffy’s attention to detail — and her masterful execution — are both out of this world.

Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
“Herbal” from Electica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

Her exquisite artistry holds true with the wonderful Dragonfly ensemble (next photo and the ring photo above).  When Tiffy first released Dragonfly, I literally bolted to her shop and bought it within seconds of its release.  What you receive with this purchase is unreal:  earrings, ring, neck adornment, waist adornment of such amazing depth and detail it’s astonishing.  Yes, Dragonfly comes with jewelry for the waist.  It’s not a belt…it’s gorgeously faceted adornment for the front and back of the waist that I wore on top of a very lovely but otherwise plain gown.

Like all of Tiffy’s pieces, Dragonfly is absolutely *spectacular.*   From the moment I saw this set, I loved it down to all its many beautiful pieces and graceful swirls.

Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
Dragonfly Ensemble from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

The level of detail and care that Tiffy puts into each of her pieces is simply remarkable…although there’s actually nothing simple about it.  She marries rich complexity with such breathtaking elegance and does so on a consistent basis.  So much so, that one could easily say this was Tiffy’s signature style: unimagined depth with breathtaking elegance.  When you join us at Purple Prose, you’ll see what I mean firsthand:  “Purple Prose”, October 17th, 7 AM SLT, Shengri La Hope (144.127.1301).

Rising in Light

recent NPIRL post used very little in the way of words to describe “Rising in Light” by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String, and Miso Susanowa. 

Once you go there to check it out, you’ll appreciate why.  It’s mesmerizing.  It’s amazing.  It’s engaging.   And the station is fully aware, floating in the heavens above the planets.

Voices:  Orion's Arm

The scale and complexity of this futuristic being are difficult to describe and to capture in photos.  Really, it’s a creation that’s best experienced firsthand.  Be sure to be a fearless clicker and you will be rewarded with any number of marvelous visual perspectives, like this (that’s me in the space pod):

Voices:  Orion's Arm

Voices:  Orion's Arm
“Rising in Light” by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String and Miso Susanowa

To give an idea of size, that’s me in the photo above (barely visible just above the right “arm,” blurred back into the blue somewhat in the neighborhood of the mid-upper right corner) traversing the expanse of this sentient being.  This photo really doesn’t provide the proper idea of scale, because this creation extends down and around as if you’re looking through the center of a kaleidoscope. 

“Rising in Light” can be found in Extropia Core. The build was inspired by Orion’s Arm Universe Project  and its “…vast interstellar empires.”  Indeed, when you visit, you’ll want to stay for a while.  Because no matter how you look at it, “Rising in Light” is not only vast…it makes an absolutely huge impact.

"Rising in Light" by Truthseeker Young and Deebrane String
"Rising in Light" by Truthseeker Young, Deebrane String and Miso Susanowa