Beguiled by Gita Rau

Many months ago, good friend L shared with me information about a new jewelry designer, Gita Rau, and her jewelry line “Beguiled.”   (Gita also happens to be a wonderful photographer.)  Gita and her Beguiled line would have been a perfect fit for the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace apprentice-designer program.  Her wonderful personality and talents reveal themselves in cleanly crafted pieces that meld together an array of jewel tone colors, classic metal tones, and contemporary shapes.  

For the past year, I curated the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, which was created by Shenlei Flasheart, highly regarded FL and SL fashion designer, author, teacher, and creator of the thriving Debutante line of romantic fashion as well as the now-retired Prim & Proper line of victorian apparel.  At the time that I became aware of Gita and her talents, the Vintage Marketplace was transitioning from a 6-month mentoring program into a 6-8 week inworld design course, complete with a fully articulated curriculum.   Note:  applications are being accepted now for the Fall course which will begin on October 5th, so do apply!  I shared this very briefly in a wonderfully pleasant conversation with the lovely Gita when we spoke months ago, but over time I lost the thread of my initial conversation with her.  That has been bothering me.  Then, I recently learned that Gita had opened her first shop for Beguiled, and so it is with genuine delight that I share a sneak look at the creations of this wonderful and geuinely nice new talent.

Beguiled can be found in the Misali sim and is located inside an invitingly rustic building called “The Stone Shop.”   The Stone Shop feels more like an old-world (and rather large) veranda that is flanked on one side by a gentle riverbed and on the other side by grass-covered hills.  The surrounding area is blissfully serene, with the building at-one with the nature surrounding it.  Water undulates down from giant vases that bloat the rooftop edges, putting a luminous honey-colored wax on the stone facade of the shop.  This is probably the most gently compelling and lovely setting for a shop that I can remember coming across.  It happens to reflect perfectly the loveliness of Gita’s jewelry.

Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau at The Stone Shop
Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau at The Stone Shop

While you may expect to see antiquities upon entering Beguiled, instead you will find a wonderfully clean aesthetic that is surprising in its depth of power that stems from a masterful mix of subtlety and directness.  Those of us who love jewelry with an elegant yet unmistakeable presence and a variety of metal choices and colors will be in heaven here. 

Concentric Circles from Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau
Concentric Circles from Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau

Gita uses an assortment of precious metals throughout her collection.  You’ll find pieces with silver, gold, or a wonderfully rich raspberry-copper metal — and you’ll also find boldly-refined colors in her enameled pieces that reflect the vibrant stone and jewel tones of tiger’s eye, tourquoise, garnet, emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and pearl.

Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau
Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau

I’m very fond of all of the pieces in Beguiled and adore the clean, refined statement they make.  These are confident, classy pieces of substance that skip the candy-fluff of twinkie-like jewelry, which can be fun, no doubt. 

But when you want to make a powerful statement just by entering the room, that’s when you want to wear Beguiled.

Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau
Earrings from Beguiled Jewelry by Gita Rau (the necklace is from another line)

7 thoughts on “Beguiled by Gita Rau

  1. What a fun post, Michele! You’re right, Gita makes some really lovely jewelry! She also happens to be one of the sweetest people in SL, too (IMHO).

  2. Thank you, Lanna! And I completely agree. My conversation with Gita was most enjoyable, albeit brief, and very pleasant! It’s such a pleasure to meet and talk with talented and sweet souls both, a combination that all of us always so highly value. Thanks for sharing news about Gita and her wonderful creations with me! I wish her much success, which I am positive she will experience.

  3. Gita!! 🙂 So nice to see you here! 🙂 Ahhhhh it’s my great pleasure, truly truly. I enjoyed our chat all those months ago and wish the timing could have worked out better with the Vintage Marketplace and learning about your wonderful creations. When I learned from Lanna that you opened a shop, I was so excited and had to see firsthand. It’s a great shop with a great ambience, and most of all great wonderful creations!

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