Gorgeous Mer Fashion

Pearls of the Ocean Mer Fashion Installation

Sunday, September 13
8 am PDT/ 11 am EDT

Shengri La 81, 68, 253


I am so honored and thrilled to be able to share news of a fashion installation featuring the gorgeous creations of Misteria Loon (creator of Pas De Deux), who last spring graduated from the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace program which was created by Shenlei Flasheart and curated by me.  Misty’s range and talent are both incredible and evident in all her creations, from elegant gowns, fantasy fae fashion to ethereal mer fashion.  “Pearls of the Ocean” showcases Misty’s mer fashion designs.

You are invited to attend “Pearls of the Ocean,” during which Misty’s stunningly gorgeous mer creations will be displayed in an innovative and beautiful fashion installation masterfully created by SL and FL fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart.  Do plan to attend!  You won’t want to miss this for all the reasons stated above (and shown in the picture below) but also because you’ll be joined in attendance by FL designers:  “Pearls of the Ocean” is part of first-life’s New York Fashion Week, with many first-life apparel designers planning to be inworld to attend the show. 

Pearls of the Ocean, Shengri La fashion installation of mer designs by Misteria Loon


From the official “Pearls of the Ocean” invitation:

The ethereal fashions of Misteria Loon, designer of Pas de Deux, will be showcased in this special event sponsored and presented by Fashion Research Institute.  Eight lovely mer beauties and four handsome mermen will display Misty’s work in a unique, innovative fashion display in the Fashion Research Institute’s Second Life Shengri La estate. 

“Pearls of the Ocean” will be part of New York Fashion Week and will be streamed from within Second Life to an audience at an independent designer fashion event held at New York University. 


How cool is that!  Who knew there were mers in SL and Bryant Park, but now there will be!  Do join us in what is sure to be a wonderful experience on so many levels:  from breathtaking mer creations by a fast-rising talent as shown in a wonderfully innovative fashion exhibit that brings together the creative forces of inworld fashion with those from New York’s Fashion Week.  Such a combination is a rare, rare gem indeed…and, thankfully, one that we all get to share in! 

See you there!


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