Chaising the Build at Mischief Cove

Not too long ago I finally attended my first building class at Mischief Cove.  The classes are announced 10 minutes before they begin, which is wonderful if you’re inworld when the announcement is made.  But by and large over the past year, I’ve missed those announcements and always struggled to recall the general day/time that was listed in the “expired” group notice.  

Then, one weekend, serendipity!   I happened to be online just in time to receive an “active” Mischief Cove building class group notice.  I immediately took the taxi, landed right on the instructor (who was very gracious about it all and even gave us textures for the project), and found myself in my first ever class.  My first class just happened to be at the intermediate level (gulp, yes, but I stayed and perservered) where the task was to build a chaise lounge.  

Here’s mine:

My First Chaise Lounge, created during a building class at Mischief Cove
My First Chaise Lounge, created during a building class at Mischief Cove

I’ll admit the legs and other parts of the chaise lounge weren’t completely lined up (or linked) when we were building.   A thing about Mischief Cove instruction:  it goes *incredibly* fast.   You have to pay close attention.  Fortunately,  I was able to hang in there because of a pool building project with my v wonderful and good friend, during which my contribution was to offer suggestions on or reactions to textures.  And at the same time I offered suggestions, I also watched the creative process as closely as I could in the hopes that I would learn some elements of building.    I clearly did because even a year later, I was able to use what I had retained (which happened to be far more than I realized) from the pool building exercise.  

After the Mischief Cove class ended, I continued working on the chaise lounge…lining up and linking all the elements.   I’m pretty happy with it.   It’s funny how great it felt to build.  (It still does.)  Eventually, I’ll make comfy cushions for the chaise, even though I don’t know how to make comfy cushions or how to work with sculpties at this point.  But the thing is…it’s always so wonderful to learn, to be open to learning, with thanks always to my v wonderful and good friend as well as to Mischief Cove.

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2 thoughts on “Chaising the Build at Mischief Cove

  1. Yay, building! 🙂 And starting out in an intermediate class, too. I started in Plywood Boxes 101 (although I had been playing around on my own a bit before that). Them was the days!

  2. Well, smiling widely, I had the advantage of learning from you with the pool…you’re truly amazing in so many ways and truly an amazing teacher too. 🙂

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