This breathtaking woman has left me speechless.  Thank you, Dale, for your wonderful weblog entry on Rezzable’s amazing and gorgeous Odalisque.  (Black Swan sim.  209.111.2006)

She is, indeed so truly indeed, gorgeous.

Beautiful Woman in restful repose while the world faces and reconciles its notion of beauty
Beautiful Woman in restful repose while the world faces and reconciles its notion of beauty

3 thoughts on “Odalisque

  1. My pleasure! 🙂 I should have taken you to see her (you’ve shown me so many interesting things), but at the time I went all I had was a couple of LMs, and I didn’t know what I was going to find at the other end.

    I love your picture. The skinny blonde AV off to the side is a fascinating contrast…

    1. You are so truly wonderful 🙂 and I completely understand rushing to this…She is profound and profoundly beautiful. Thank you, smiles softly, I love *your* picture. I nearly followed suit and showed only Her face and shoulder but I couldn’t capture it and make it as dreamy welcoming as you did…you are a naturally ***amazingly*** talented photographer/artist. (And I didn’t want to “steal” your concept even though I wouldn’t be able to recreate it as beautifully as your original is.) Smiling so deeply, I knew you would instantly know the skinny blonde isn’t me. When I visited, everyone there was so moved (in one way or another) that the entire room was hushed. And this skinny blonde kept shifting her stance back and forth, staring at Her. The skinny blonde paced several times around Her and always came right back to that spot. I really have to say that that blonde was experiencing some large amount of inner something or other (her aggitated state suggested a large amount of inner conflict). I waited for her to move out of the frame, but she never did for any length of time that would clear the shot. Reading her behavior, I would say she was clearly obsessed. I found her reaction a perfect accompaniment to Her and almost as compelling simply in terms of the degree of that reaction. At some point someone in the back of the room broke the silence (which I really loved experiencing because the silence allowed for the penetration of every aspect of Her beauty and society’s – the skinny blonde’s mentality, in my mind – reaction to Her beauty)…but when someone broke the silence with a predictable and tired slur, I echoed your sentiment and replied quite simply, “She’s beautiful.” I smiled when others immediately voiced their positive reactions to the degree that the detractor eventually was silenced. And the skinny blonde stood and stared. I think (I hope) somewhere in her psyche she was secretly celebrating.

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