Remember the three first-time fashion designers (represented by labels):  Category 5, Bella Fantasique, and Mooged?  These are brand spanking new fashion lines created by RL students in higher ed who are completing summer coursework inworld as developed and taught by SL and FL accomplished fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and author of “Designing Dreams,” a primer on creating virtual fashion.

Well, these wonderful student-designers are about to close out their summer studies with an inworld fashion runway show called “Fluid” (masterfully conceived and developed by Shenlei), and you are invited! 

FRI Summer 2009 Runway Show Flyer
FRI Summer 2009 Runway Show Flyer

Please do plan to attend.  Not only will you see new fashion that is imaginative and well-crafted, but you’ll do so in a way that will be visually memorable.  Shenlei has taken the notion of a traditional runway show and transformed it into the perfect unifying accessory for showcasing the wonderful range and distinct personalities exhibited by these new creatives.   I know this because I volunteered to model in support of these wonderful new talents.  So, I’ll walk the runway with some very high profile fashion personalities and artists who also volunteered their time and talent in support of these exciting new designers.  Not only will you see great new fashion that has been receiving alot of positive buzz but you’ll also discover three very talented new designers in a wonderfully imaginative presentation. 

That’s Fluid:  August 25th 6 pm SLT.  It’ll be great to see you there!


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