Designs on Fashion ~ Category 5

Trinity Hartunian (SL name) is the second student-designer in the Shengri La sims whose very first-ever fashion designs I’m so pleased to share with you.  Trinity is one of three summer apprentices (in first life, a traditional higher ed student) who is studying virtual fashion design through a fully-articulated course taught inworld by Shenlei Flasheart (SL name).  Shenlei owns the Shengri La sims and in first life, she is CEO of the Fashion Research Institute, an adjunct instructor with the Fashion Institute of Technology, and most recently an author. 


Under Shenlei’s tutelage, Trinity has created her first design label and first ever designs.  Trinity’s design label is Category 5  … A Force to be Reckoned With.   Such a great name with a great tagline and a perfect segue to very very wonderful and good friend Dale who shared a photo while wearing a Category 5 top.  (Thank you, Dale, for agreeing to let me use this wonderful photo in this weblog entry.)
Dale in Category 5 gift item
vw Dale in Category 5 gift item
Dale and I are in sync, showing two of several colorways for this look.  I’m wearing it in fushia (it’s called “Claudette” by the way) and showing the versatility of this design by wearing it in a relaxed way and then in a more polished way.  First, “Claudette” can definitely be worn as an easy weekend outfit.  Here I am pairing it with boots, a cap, and fun jewelry from Sable Rose by Rosie Barthelmess (a designer-in-residence at the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace):
"Claudette" in fushia from Category 5, with Sable Rose jewelry
"Claudette" in fushia from Category 5 by Trinity Hartunian, paired with Sable Rose jewelry


With just a change of the shoes, hair, and jewelry, “Claudette” definitely can convey a more polished vibe.  In this photo, I’ve paired the dress with a gorgeous pearl wardrober from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella, another designer-in-residence at the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.

"Claudette" from Category 5, paired with jewelry from Eclectica
"Claudette" from Category 5, paired with jewelry from Eclectica

Category 5’s second freshman entry to be highlighted is “Ana” (below).  I really love “Ana” for its wonderful spectator sensibility.  The pleating in the waistband and the skirt are wonderful touches, design details that I hope come through in the photo:

"Ana" from Category 5, paired with jewelry from Cocoon
"Ana" from Category 5, paired with jewelry from Cocoon

My take on Category 5?  It’s bright and cheerful, clearly-defined with clean lines.  It’s accessible precisely because it’s genuinely confident and self-assured.  I love how it can be dressed up or down and never lose sight of its essence.  I was surprised and delighted by how such a wide range of accessories worked so very well with these designs.  Speaking of which, here are closeups of both of the Sable Rose and Eclectica jewelry sets.  “Isadora” from Sable Rose comes with two bracelets, a choker, and earrings.  “Deco” pearl wardrober from Eclectica comes with two chokers, a bracelet, and earrings.

"Isadora" from Sable Rose by Rosie Barthelmess
"Isadora" from Sable Rose by Rosie Barthelmess
"Deco" Pearl Wardrober from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella
"Deco" Pearl Wardrober from Eclectica Jewellery by Tiffy Vella

There’s really a great deal of talent on the Shengri La sims in so very many areas.  I just marvel at these first-ever designs from the summer students as well as the incredibly intricate work of the jewellers.  And I think when you take the slurls (above) and see their work for yourself you’ll agree.


5 thoughts on “Designs on Fashion ~ Category 5

  1. There is me! / waves madly.

    I do like Cat 5! First system-skirt outfit I’ve actually liked for quite awhile.

    An’ I was going to say that I thought Cat 5 things looked best on lil butchy girls like me, until I saw your picture of you in them. 🙂

  2. Smiles so hugely and waves so happily back!! There is you, **gorgeous** you every which way :)!

    And I agree! Category 5 system skirts really do work so very nicely. I’m not a huge fan of system skirts either, but this is one designer who works well with them. I also really love the length of the skirt…not too short, not too long.

    1. Thank you, Sheeana! They’re such great outfits with which to work. I really love how they can pull off a relaxed look and a formal look both, depending on the accessories. I probably should have listed info on the accessories, but frankly, I’m pretty blown away by these great new designs and for the student designer price of 25L, it’s basically a heaping of “incredible” on top of “incredible”!

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