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This summer, three students with designs on fashion are apprenticing with Shenlei Flasheart (SL name), CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and a highly successful designer in both FL and SL who (along with her many other achievements) has been teaching a fully-articulated fashion course inworld.  Over the next three days, it’s my great pleasure to share a small sample of the student-designers creations with you.  Bear in mind, these wonderful creations represent the freshman effort for each of the students (who are, by the way, literally traditional higher ed students in FL).  I am confident you will be quite impressed with their innate talent when you take a gander at their work.  By the way, you can pick up their creations for an insanely low price (double digits…below 50L!) in Shengri La (slurl below); no doubt the insanely low price is because the work is, as I mentioned, their very first effort.  As their portfolio, expertise, and subsequent brand-recognition increases, I have no doubt pricing will soon more accurately reflect their wonderful creativity and skills. 

Along with their work, I’m highlighting some of the jewelry I paired with the outfits.  The jewelry pieces are created by the Shengri La designers who are finishing up their 6-month tenure in the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace, a program I curate and that Shenlei created a year ago to mentor (gratis, on an invitation basis) newly emerging designers.  In early Spring, we held a phenomenally successful jewelry showcase – “Primal Elegance” – to showcase their creations, but their talent is so wonderful that it’s a genuine pleasure to highlight them again.   Besides, the pairing of freshman student-designers with newly-emerging designers all made possible through the generosity and expertise of a highly successful FL and SL designer in Shenlei…well, such a collaborative mentoring relationship like this is pretty awesome, indeed.

Speaking of awesome…here then launching this first in a three part fashion vignette is Mooged by student-designer Palette Schuttelanz (SL name).  This dress is Foe One in blue and is worn with Cocoon, exsquisitely-crafted jewelry by Yoona Mayo (SL name).

Foe One in Blue from Mooged fashions
Foe One in Blue from Mooged fashions
Necklace and earring set from Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo
Necklace and earring set from Cocoon Jewelry by Yoona Mayo

Another freshman entry from Mooged creation is Trae in Aqua (below), which like Foe One comes in a range of colors.  Trae is wardrobed with a colorful loosely woven web jacket, shirt, system skirt and flexi skirt.

Trae in Aqua from Mooged fashion in Shengri La
Trae in Aqua from Mooged fashion in Shengri La
Trae in Aqua from Mooged Fashion in Shengri La
Trae in Aqua from Mooged Fashion in Shengri La
My take on Mooged?  It’s definitely colorful, playful, a touch iconoclastic.  But depending on how you accessorize the outfit, you can even pull off a boldy refined look in a Mooged creation. I’m also wearing Mooged in different skins that I have but never wear (even though I like them a great deal) because I so love my standard skin.  One of the skins is very pale with little makeup and the other is quite tan with a great deal of makeup; these extremes in skins gave me quite a feel for how Mooged fashion can be worn with a number of different skin tones, makeups.  I do hope you’ll check Mooged out personally.  Swing by Mooged in Shengri La; Cocoon is in Shengri La as well.  Give them a try.  For really incredibly little lindens, you’ll come away with breathtakingly intricate jewelry by Cocoon and a very very very very early look at talented new fashion designers…all of whom one day will no doubt have a much larger name presence in the SL fashion world.

4 thoughts on “Designs on Fashion ~ Mooged

  1. ooh, freckles! ^_^

    I stumbled across some of those great little stores the other day; I don’t think I found the Mooged one though. I’ll have to go back. Love high-quality cheap stuff.

  2. beaming so brightly, yes yes :)…although I don’t wear this skin I do like it (I just so love my own skin) and will gladly show it to you 🙂 … and yes!! Tomorrow’s weblog entry features Category 5 and your wonderful photo! 🙂 These very very very new student-designers have such potential…it doesn’t seem like these are their very first efforts in fashion design, but they are. Their work is really wonderful with such promise. Better yet, like you said, high quality items for less than 50L each? For 25L to be exact…well, just wow.

    1. They are very talented new designers, I agree! These are their first efforts, which says to me that they have incredible potential.

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