A Cubed

Astra Thorne, AM Radio (whose latest build is Sometimes They Rise), and Autos…but really so much more.

Astra Thorne & AM Radio at The Spaces Between These Trees
Astra Thorne & AM Radio at The Spaces Between These Trees

The generosity of people is a wonderful thing, as is serendipity.  Last night out of nowhere, several residents received a conference notification that AM Radio was giving away (last night only) his new roadster.  The vehicle in this picture isn’t the roadster…I didn’t take too many pictures because the sim was so packed I didn’t want to risk crashing.  Update to this entry:  v wonderful good friend Dale has a great series of pictures on flickr tearing around the saltflats in the roadster. 

At one point, more than 60 people were there thanking Astra and AM, picking up the roadster, and lingering while an impromptu party broke out.  V wonderful and good friend Dale and I and a few others left after a brief visit to clear the sim a bit so others could enter to enjoy the wonderful spontaneous generosity, wonderful delight and surprise, artistry, and community.  Which brings me back to why I wrote “…but really so very much more.”  If you’re inworld for any length of time (from rez date to always), you see and experience alot of things.  But what you come to see, no matter good or bad days, is an example somewhere by someone inworld of these traits.  These are things that really are exhibited by so very, very, very, very many inworld.  I’ve seen it in those who I know and treasure to all of the new faces, new friends, new acquaintances who volunteer their time and talents to help others.  Shenlei calls it paying forward.  She, Rez, Dale and so very very very many other souls have done this instinctively from the onset. 

Spontaneous generosity, wonderful delight and surprise, artistry, community, caring and sharing.  Even though seemingly impromptu (as some might view the roadster give-away last night), these things seem to combine together to become one of the constant, IMHO most important and defining characteristic of SL.  Seems to me it permeates SL, this outward expression of an inner core value.  And the coolest part is it’s a core value that the vast majority of us share and have defined for SL.  Making the virtual world so very much more than that.

Fae Fashion Show

It’s a genuine pleasure to share news of Misteria Loon’s Pas De Deux Fae Fashion Show (August 29th, 7 pm SLT).  The “Fae Fashion Show” is co-presented by Misteria (creator of Pas De Deux) and the Phat Cat’s Jazz Club.  You might remember that Misteria was one of the first apprentice designers Shenlei Flasheart mentored for six months at the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace.  Misty graduated from Shengri La in early spring 2009, with her gowns presented in a jammed packed fashion installation that was masterfully conceived and executed by Shenlei.  Immediately after her graduation from Shengri La, Misty was invited into the Phatland mall by the owners of Phat Cat’s and that’s where Pas De Deux has been ever since

Pas De Deux is beautifully dreamy fashion.  Misty’s gowns definitely lean (really, float) toward the ethereal. 

Gown and wings from Pas De Deux by Misteria Loon
Gown and wings from Pas De Deux by Misteria Loon

Her creations are wonderfully originally and extremely well-executed.  Not only does Misty bring a distinctive, fresh voice to her designs, but she is also truly one of the nicest, friendliest souls around.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  About the only way it could is by meeting Misty in person and seeing her amazing talent firsthand by attending the Pas De Deux “Fae Fashion Show” in Phatland on August 29th at 7 pm SLT.  Truly hope to see you there…I’ll be there with wings on.

Pas De Deux gown and wings by Misteria Loon
Pas De Deux gown and wings by Misteria Loon

“Fluid” Iteration

A very friendly reminder …

If you’re interested in moving Fluidly, from high fashion water nymph like this:

Bella Fantasique
Bella Fantasique
To saucy and confident jazz enthusiast like this:
Category 5, A Force to Be Reckoned With
Category 5, A Force to Be Reckoned With

Be sure to join us at this:

"Fluid" fashion show presented by the Fashion Research Institute
"Fluid" fashion show presented by the Fashion Research Institute

…where some of SL’s high profile fashion personalities and artists will model a variety of wonderful creations designed by student-designers Missy Lavecchia (creator of Bella Fantasique fashion), Trinity Hartunian (creator of Category 5 fashion), and Palette Schuttelanz (creator of Mooged fashion).  “Fluid” — an innovative take on the traditional runway show — is conceived and created by Shenlei Flasheart (SL name), CEO of the Fashion Research Institute, accomplished SL and FL fashion designer, instructor, and author.

Fluid”  August 25th, 6pm SLT  Shengri La sim (82.159.301)


This breathtaking woman has left me speechless.  Thank you, Dale, for your wonderful weblog entry on Rezzable’s amazing and gorgeous Odalisque.  (Black Swan sim.  209.111.2006)

She is, indeed so truly indeed, gorgeous.

Beautiful Woman in restful repose while the world faces and reconciles its notion of beauty
Beautiful Woman in restful repose while the world faces and reconciles its notion of beauty


Remember the three first-time fashion designers (represented by labels):  Category 5, Bella Fantasique, and Mooged?  These are brand spanking new fashion lines created by RL students in higher ed who are completing summer coursework inworld as developed and taught by SL and FL accomplished fashion designer Shenlei Flasheart, CEO of the Fashion Research Institute and author of “Designing Dreams,” a primer on creating virtual fashion.

Well, these wonderful student-designers are about to close out their summer studies with an inworld fashion runway show called “Fluid” (masterfully conceived and developed by Shenlei), and you are invited! 

FRI Summer 2009 Runway Show Flyer
FRI Summer 2009 Runway Show Flyer

Please do plan to attend.  Not only will you see new fashion that is imaginative and well-crafted, but you’ll do so in a way that will be visually memorable.  Shenlei has taken the notion of a traditional runway show and transformed it into the perfect unifying accessory for showcasing the wonderful range and distinct personalities exhibited by these new creatives.   I know this because I volunteered to model in support of these wonderful new talents.  So, I’ll walk the runway with some very high profile fashion personalities and artists who also volunteered their time and talent in support of these exciting new designers.  Not only will you see great new fashion that has been receiving alot of positive buzz but you’ll also discover three very talented new designers in a wonderfully imaginative presentation. 

That’s Fluid:  August 25th 6 pm SLT.  It’ll be great to see you there!

Love is Love

“The dream of marriage shouldn’t just be limited to heterosexual people, it should be about two people who love each other. Period. Don’t H8, it’s unbecoming.” – Lisa Ling

                                Love is Love.


When I visited Art Box again the other night, I saw a large photo of the creators together.  Both wore “NOH8” on their cheeks and duct tape on their mouths.  I recognized the FL anti-Proposition 8 campaign championed by photographer Adam Bouska.  (Check out the instructions on his website for emailing photos – yes, including SL photos – directly to the FL NOH8 campaign; they’d like to reach 1,000,000 strong.) 

What I didn’t realize until I did some research was that the NOH8 campaign went viral in SL a few months ago.  If you scroll Adam Bouska’s weblog to June 22nd, you’ll find an entry on the SL movement as initiated by SL residents Francois Ghost and Trace Osterham.  Francois and Trace have done an amazing job championing this movement inworld.  I don’t know how I missed hearing about it at the time and not learning about the extent of it until today, but somehow I did.  After more research, I’ve since learned that not only have they taken photos of SL residents for the NOH8 campaign, but they’ve also held a gallery opening of the images, installed a studio (complete with NOH8 tattoos, white backdrop, poses, and instructions) adjacent to the gallery where anyone can take pictures, and created a NOH8 flickr account that currently has more than 600 images.   Although they initiated this inworld a couple of months ago, I’ve come to learn that others have been so moved by the importance of NOH8 that they too have stepped in to build upon the momentum.  This brings me back to Art Box, where I learned of Tinker Hax, who is the creator of Amplify (urban and punk clothing) and who is another wonderful soul who has been giving freely of her time and talent to photograph people (like the Art Box creators and others) for NOH8.

Me, participating in the inworld NOH8 project as continued on by Tinker Hax
Me participating in NOH8 as photographed by designer Tinker Hax

I have to tell you…I didn’t know Tinker before I IM’d her out of the blue and asked her how I could participate.  Tinker was beyond nice and beyond gracious, even though when I IM’d her I had interrupted her work on a project.  After a very pleasant chat, Tinker graciously offered to put her project aside for a few minutes to work with me to take my photo.  (Honestly, I tried not to hound, but I was so excited by the prospect of having this photo taken.)   After Tinker set up the session, I didn’t have to do anything but stand there and be utterly fascinated watching a skilled photographer work in a studio.  The photo that Tinker snapped is so wonderful.  Thank you, Tinker, for your generosity of spirit and friendship and for the wonderful photo.  She found the absolute perfect pose from an array of poses and was so incredibly patient with me when I kept looking away from her camera at an adjacent wall that held nearly 100 NOH8 images taken by Tinker…first of friends, and then of people like me who rang Tinker up out of the blue and asked for a photo.   We chatted while Tinker gently guided my focus back to her camera.  It was in that conversation that I learned of an event Tinker is holding (I believe on Thursday) in support of NOH8.  I don’t have time/place info at this point, but when I get it, I’ll definitely share it through this weblog.

In the meantime, it’s great to know that there are a number of ways to participate in NOH8 and that the movement is still going strong.  The more people who keep participating and bringing their skills, passion, and love to it, the better off all worlds will be.  Because it’s never too early or too late to stop hate.

Sometimes They Rise

AM Radio’s latest build — Sometimes They Rise — reveals itself with trademark quietness, compelling visitors to not only enter but to also create a visual story.

Arisen in the Forest of "Sometimes They Rise"
A Time Traveller rises in the Forest of “Sometimes They Rise”
The build is simple and lovely.  It harkons to the nearness of autumn, one of my favorite seasons (along with spring).  And yet, the story or feeling that this build invoked for me was less the English Riding Club and more a sense of another world.
At "Sometimes They Rise," where sometimes a fairy rides horses
At "Sometimes They Rise," where sometimes a fairy rides horses

I have no doubt that what was really speaking to me was the vast mystery in the austere simplicity of the build.  Windlight presets really brought that mystery forth, in very bold colors and washes of light (above photo) and as equally in the more subdued, darker hues in the photos that follow:

A Faun in Study at "Sometimes They Rise"
A Faun in Study at “Sometimes They Rise”

...and sometimes a fairy alights
…and sometimes a fairy alights

It’s fascinating when not only the fantastic creations exist in SL…and it’s so wonderful that they do.  But it’s equally fascinating when such mystery is presented by creations that might seem every day or common place or decidedly FL, most particularly as pertains to nature.  Nature – down to the shape of a leaf or a blade of grass — certainly is mysterious and miraculous in all worlds.   “Sometimes They Rise” presents these “every day” visual feasts on a platter.