A Cubed

Astra Thorne, AM Radio (whose latest build is Sometimes They Rise), and Autos…but really so much more.

Astra Thorne & AM Radio at The Spaces Between These Trees
Astra Thorne & AM Radio at The Spaces Between These Trees

The generosity of people is a wonderful thing, as is serendipity.  Last night out of nowhere, several residents received a conference notification that AM Radio was giving away (last night only) his new roadster.  The vehicle in this picture isn’t the roadster…I didn’t take too many pictures because the sim was so packed I didn’t want to risk crashing.  Update to this entry:  v wonderful good friend Dale has a great series of pictures on flickr tearing around the saltflats in the roadster. 

At one point, more than 60 people were there thanking Astra and AM, picking up the roadster, and lingering while an impromptu party broke out.  V wonderful and good friend Dale and I and a few others left after a brief visit to clear the sim a bit so others could enter to enjoy the wonderful spontaneous generosity, wonderful delight and surprise, artistry, and community.  Which brings me back to why I wrote “…but really so very much more.”  If you’re inworld for any length of time (from rez date to always), you see and experience alot of things.  But what you come to see, no matter good or bad days, is an example somewhere by someone inworld of these traits.  These are things that really are exhibited by so very, very, very, very many inworld.  I’ve seen it in those who I know and treasure to all of the new faces, new friends, new acquaintances who volunteer their time and talents to help others.  Shenlei calls it paying forward.  She, Rez, Dale and so very very very many other souls have done this instinctively from the onset. 

Spontaneous generosity, wonderful delight and surprise, artistry, community, caring and sharing.  Even though seemingly impromptu (as some might view the roadster give-away last night), these things seem to combine together to become one of the constant, IMHO most important and defining characteristic of SL.  Seems to me it permeates SL, this outward expression of an inner core value.  And the coolest part is it’s a core value that the vast majority of us share and have defined for SL.  Making the virtual world so very much more than that.