Bit by bit, I’ve been tackling my list of places to visit (and stumbling upon other places, like Aerobreeze, through the Showcase tab).  Last night, I finally visited Pteron.  What a marvel it is.


I learned of Pteron after coming across this weblog entry in a reader:  Nika Dreamscape’s list of best places.  This monochromatic build dazzles with a wide range of surprises.  So much so, I took a gazillion pictures and am having a difficult time culling from the set. 

A window to a view in a chaise lounge on a balcony in Petron
A window to a view in a chaise lounge on a balcony in Pteron

This is yet another build that somehow looks sparse, despite being incredibly complex.  And it is yet another build where you are quietly drawn in.  You have to be a fierceless clicker to find the modes of transport through the build, to realize the build extends into space and into the ocean, to find hidden gifts offered to the “dazzling humans” by the futuristic race that created the experience and left it open for discovery. 

Petron sailboat
Pteron sailboat
In Petron's Aqua Submarine and "lifejacket"
In Pteron's Aqua Submarine and "lifejacket"

Pteron is wonderful on so many levels.  If you have just a little time, you’re immediately struck by its sterile beauty, even without taking the time to discover the subtle ways to move about and interact with the many different rooms and levels and objects.  If you have more time, you can easily spend hours in Pteron and still feel like you’ll want to return to it again.

Petron Flight Platform
Pteron Flight Platform


A Petron Podship
A Pteron Podship

Even after hours last night and a gazillion pictures (I’m stopping myself from posting them all here), I’m certain I’ll return to Pteron.   Aside from all the wonderful marvels, it’s kind of fun to find yourself in a futuristic interpretation of Escher’s “Relativity.”

Petron channelling Escher
Channelling Escher in Pteron

6 thoughts on “Pteron

  1. This place is totally awesome. People who created this place is very creative on it. That bluish green color…can’t describe it’s beauty. Yeah, is that girl on the last picture you?

    1. It really is, William. And I agree…the creators of this build are quite talented! And yes! That girl (all of them in the pictures actually) is me!

    1. Oh, it really is, Lionesse, I so totally agree. Lots of subtle, hidden things to be discovered there when you do have time to explore it more indepth.

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