Pop Art

One of the things I love about SL is the art and the immense creativity inworld.  So many times, I hadn’t the opportunity to see art installations that were on display for a limited period of time.  Gazira Babeli’s “Hammering the Void” is the most recent build that I missed, and I truly regret missing it.  Because in searching for Babeli’s works, I found a taxi that led me to an archive of her 2007 creation [Collateral Damage]a build that countless ppl have already heard of and seen but one that I had not.  This exhibit is so surprising that it’s hard to imagine it as “old news”…even to those who have already seen it.  Because the timelessness of the work is found in the wonderful creativity and talent of the artist.

gazira babeli1_001

The taxi brings you to this sign, where the “Enter at Your Own Risk” warning just compels you to climb the stairs.  Once you arrive at the top of the stairs, you’ll find not so much “risk” but moreso a great deal of interactivity…some in plain sight, some hidden, and all of it surprising, delightful, humorous, jarring, captivating. 

[Collateral Damage] by Gazira Babeli

[Collateral Damage] by Gazira Babeli

[Collateral Damage] by Gazira Babeli

These are just a few pictures from the experience.  If, like me, you haven’t yet seen this 2007 creation, I won’t spoil it by sharing details of the effects.  Suffice to say, it is so well worth a visit (as the many thousands of people who visited the build in 2007 can confirm).  It is simply engaging and amazing and I have no doubt that, like me, you will be incredibly grateful that Babeli’s two-year-old creation is still inworld for all of us to enjoy…for the first time or the 1,000th time.

Published by Michele Hyacinth

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2 thoughts on “Pop Art

  1. Ha, wow, that looks amazing! Yet another thing for the list. 🙂 SL is indeed full of wild and notable stuff (that I really need to spend more time visiting and less time shopping instead…).

  2. You would so love this one, and I’d love to share in this experience with you 🙂 if you’d like and when you’re ready to check out this art installation. (Ooooo I know what you mean about needing to spend less time shopping and slapping MM boards! 🙂 )

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