Last night, I checked out the Showcase tab and in the list of Hot Spot locations, randomly clicked on AeroBreeze.  I am so glad I did.  From what I saw, AeroBreeze is a little gem of a build, reminiscent in many ways of Chouchou’s grounds. 


The seasons co-exist beautifully on the beaches in AeroBreeze.  In the photo above, snow falls in a field of blooming flowers.   Although the canvas for this build is very clean, anywhere you look your eye is surprised by the delicate display of the merging of the seasons.  

Here I am drawing a star-filled bubblebath in a tub that stands in a spring meadow.  Not too far away from the winter penisula and the spring meadow are the giant trunks of trees whose leaves have fallen.

Fall in AeroBreeze, as seen through the eyes of Winter
Fall in AeroBreeze, as seen through the eyes of Winter

As gentle as AeroBreeze’s presentation is of the seasons mingling, so are the various sit poses that are located very subtley throughout the build.

Snow as the water laps the edge of the beach (and my gown) in AeroBreeze
Snow as the water laps the edge of the beach (and my gown) in AeroBreeze
Last night as I explored AeroBreeze, there were maybe three others doing the same.  I suspect that like me they all felt they had the sim to themselves and so concentrated on picture-taking.  A woman who was dressed like a young lady and whose full name I don’t recall (although I believe her first name was Shiloh) must have seen me as I tried a very fun sit pose that causes you to twirl in the air like a snowflake.  She took my picture and shared it with me.  It’s a much better photo than I got of myself in this pose, which really is very pretty.
Snapshot:AeroBreeze, AeroBreeze (139, 215, 25)
Snapshot:AeroBreeze, AeroBreeze (139, 215, 25)
And I have to say that I love when that happens…when a build is so engaging or so fascinating that complete strangers will delight in taking and sharing pictures of each other.  After I thanked Shiloh, she left, so I didn’t get a chance to return the favor.  But I realize now that if you look in the very first photo, to the left of the snowtree, you’ll see Shiloh dancing (on another wonderful sit pose) in the spring meadow that flanks the snow on the beach in summer…in AeroBreeze.



Note:  the coordinates in the last photo (AeroBreeze 139.215.25) might land you on a sit pose; I’m not sure where Shiloh was standing when she took that photo.

4 thoughts on “AeroBreeze

  1. @ William – it really is a wonderful build. I’m not sure if you have ever logged into Second Life, but if you do, you should check it out.

    @ Lanna – My pleasure! And it really is a beautiful, clean build, smiles. Does really remind me of Chouchou, which is sparse yet stunning all at once.

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