Pre Un-Rezzable

Like probably everyone, a couple of days ago, I heard news that Rezzable is leaving SL.  Unlike probably everyone, I had not yet made my way beyond Crimson Shadow to two other popular Rezzable builds:  The Carnival of Doom and the Greenies.  

While I have heard of Rezzable a great deal in SL, I was never entirely clear what Rezzable was.  I always thought Rezzable was made up of a variety of artists who collaborated together…and I suppose one could still think of them that way, although I’ve since learned that Rezzable is a company.   I learned this from my very wonderful friend Dale and perhaps I should have realized it while at The Carnival of Doom “novelties” stand where one can buy various things (clothing, skins, avatars).

A quick aside: today’s (Thursday) Rezzable website announces a 50L sale at Crimson Shadow and The Carnival of Doom through July 15th, the last day that those builds – along with The Tunnel of Light (which I did have an opportunity to see) – will appear in SL.

Collaborative artists or creative enterprise, let me just say that The Carnival of Doom is *really* creepy.  I mean in a Stephen King “It” kind of way creepy.  The fairgrounds “greet” you with giant and menacing rides (perfectly reflecting the danger in the name “The Carnival of Doom”). 

Rezzable's Carnival of Doom
Rezzable's Carnival of Doom
Rezzable's Carnival of Doom
Rezzable's Carnival of Doom

The creepiest of creepy Stephen King “It” clowns may (or may not) suddenly appear, one of which may (or may not) pedal a  unicycle in bee-line fashion only to stop abruptly nearby and hang in the air like a really bad stench.  This clown doesn’t need to say anything to be creepy. 

Rezzable "Clowns"
Rezzable "Clowns"

His entire persona – down to his “Cannibal” tag – is enough to cause your hair to stand on end.  When the build somehow sends in more clowns, well, you… just… kinda… feel… your… skin… crawl. 

Rezzable "Clowns"
Rezzable "Clowns"

And then you remember, as the health HUD clearly reminds all visitors, one can be injured or even “die” at The Carnival of Doom. 

The Greenies wasn’t nearly as creepy (except for some very huge buggy leggy nom-nomming things).

A Greenie
At The Greenies
At The Greenies...Large Kitty Kitty!
At The Greenies...Large Kitty Kitty!

But what it shared with The Carnival of Doom was Rezzable’s imaginative marketing:  themed immersive entertainment or role playing merged with shopping.   I’m not sure that I would call it RP, because it’s more like stumbling into the themed reality, rather than choosing to create a persona first before engaging.  (But I haven’t done RP so maybe that is how RP is done…I really don’t know.)  Either way, Rezzable’s immersive aspect is powerfully effective.  But, isn’t that really the case with all of SL?  Aside from the novel approach of turning immersion up another notch, I’m not clear how this could give Rezzable a competitive advantage (particularly sustained over time).  But, marketing in SL is a pretty fascinating and complex undertaking. 

Either way, there’s undoubtably a ton of creativity in these builds.  They are truly worth visiting in the next very few days before they disappear entirely from SL…even if, in hindsight, they really appear to be massively themed shopping malls.  You won’t notice that initially if for a while…

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2 thoughts on “Pre Un-Rezzable

  1. So are not nom-nomming thingies, but giant cock roaches. (A while back, the kitchen suddenly got infected.) We are counting on our visitors to exterminate the batches that regularly leave their nests, which isn’t a tricky thing to do when using a zapgun. We even keep tally who err.. ‘removed’ the most roaches of the Greenies sim!;)

    Thanks for this writeup, Miss. =)

  2. Hi, Vint! (Like everyone, I enjoy your weblog! And the incredible Rezzable builds.) As for the nom-nommers…ewwwwwwww (shudders)…I know they’re giant cockroaches (shudders again)…I just have trouble saying that word and looking at them. I think a few of the hungry buggers nom-nommed on me or the giant cat or both of us. I’ll have to venture back before the 15th and try my hand at exterminating them. Oh, the writeup is entirely my pleasure as are your builds. SL will sorely miss Rezzable, but it will be fun to venture into the Rezzable Open Sim to check the builds out there. Thank you for commenting!!

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