Bam! A Neko Robot

What’s a Fourth of July celebration without the attention grabber of a Neko Robot, I ask you.   Well, there was a spectacular one at one of the friendliest, most easy going clubs inworld. 


wonderful AV
wonderful AV

The music was great, the conversation easy-going and good natured, and I was transfixed, stuck on the look of this incredible AV…not only on the look itself but also on how this Neko Robot danced in an organic manner, ironically enough.


Normally, I don’t ask people where they get their looks, but this time, I had to.  And she (I hesitate to say her name as I neglected to ask permission to use it in this weblog entry) was kind enough to tell me.  The thing is, this look is a compliation of different things from 3-4 different shops.  I’m stunned by the level of creativity and her incredible eye, because to me, this looks like it came from one giant purchase, or at the very least, it looks like a couple of different pieces accessorized from the same shop.


Look at the fluidity in all of this.  Isn’t this Neko Robot awesome?  I wish I could create a look as wonderfully imaginative and yet so utterly cohesive as this.  But until that day (and even on that day, should that day arrive), it is always such a delight to admire the wonderful range of creativity inworld…in large ways and in everyday ways, including choosing items from our closet to wear.


One thought on “Bam! A Neko Robot

  1. You can find the name of any prim’s creator by clicking inspect on the pie menu. This is true for clothing prims so you don’t actually have to ask someone where they got things, nor do they have to ask you. That is why some have come up with the ridiculous “anti inspection” wearable mega prims.

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