More & More Curious-er


I have no special talents…I’m only passionately curious.
~ Albert Einstein


The effects of which can be…interesting.

Last weekend, SL went through some major bends of sorts brought about by a severe line of FL storms that caused a major power outage in Colorado (least, that’s what I had heard).  And every resident went with the flow as things inworld became borked and blipped in and out, in general.  Well, and as it turns out, quite specifically and literally, too. 

When it first happened, I was watching a neighboring sim as it built itself up prim by prim only to unbuild itself suddenly.  This happened in rapid succession and repeatedly, as if the entire process was looping.  Curious, I called up the map; the sim “appeared” to be there.  I looked up and across the way; the sim was there.  Then not there.  Then there.  And so on.  Then after a while, it appeared to merely hiccup (I don’t know how else to describe it).  More curious, I  rechecked the map a few times, and yes, each time, the sim was there.

All of which caused me to grow increasingly curious.

So I flew over to the neighboring sim, thinking perhaps it was just my viewer wigging out.   Well, as soon as I entered the sim, I didn’t exactly crash, but I quite did precisely become very stuck.  So much so, that – what? – three days later I was *still* stuck in that sim.  Even though I had logged out (but I suspect the system didn’t log me out) and even though I had logged back in each day, my “shadow” remained trapped in the neighoring sim.  (This, even after the emergency maintenance, which occurred sometime after I became stuck and left my shadow there.)

It’s a bit disconcerting (not to mention increasingly frustrating) to log in and see yourself hanging in midair in some kind of frozen state, in some digital out of body experience.  It’s even more disconcerting to realize there’s little you can do to unfreeze yourself when the process of clearing cache and relogging doesn’t work.   But then there’s very very wonderful and brilliant friend Dale.  Because of him, all of the pieces of me came fully together.  Dale suggested that probably a reset for the sim that trapped my ghosted-self was needed.  So, with Shen’s help I found and used Live Chat (the first time I’ve used them and I found them to be very friendly and helpful).  After patiently going through their recommendation to clear cache and relog (which still didn’t work), I mentioned and repeated a few times the suggestion to “reset the sim.”   Well, they finally did, hesitating only because I imagine they thought everything should be okay after the emergency maintanence.  I’m pretty sure that much to their surprise, resetting the sim solved the problem immediately. 

So the moral of this story is even at just over 2-1/2 years, there’s always something new to learn (and I love that).  And even though I’ll likely not go flying any time too soon into sims that appear to be on the verge of melting down (no matter what the map might indicate), I still remain passionately curious.  And utterly eternally grateful to and for a very very wonderful and brilliant friend.

And here’s a little song that conveys the strength in openness and openheartedness that I so love. 



7 thoughts on “More & More Curious-er

  1. Haha, Curious George! Yay! 🙂

    That was indeed fun an’ fascinating, if frustrating. We should post those pictures somewhere showing that you saw yourself hovering in the air next to me, whereas in my viewer you were an entire sim away. Very very odd…

  2. smiles wide, oh so yay indeed! 🙂 That really was fun and fascinating (and a tad frustrating by the third day was it? when the sim kept claiming me back everytime I tried to tp out or everytime I logged in near in any neighboring sim). We should! Those pictures were amazing and yes the entire thing really fascinating. …that’s easy for me to say only because you’re so very wonderful and brilliant. So utterly grateful to and for you. 🙂

  3. I know I would have probably been curious and gotten ghostified in the sim, too! While it sounds like it got more and more frustrating, it resolved well and you got to learn even more! 🙂 Yay for new experiences!!!

    1. It turned out to be a fascinating little experience, caught in like the Big Bang, or something, of the world at that time contained within that sim. Of course, I can forget about the frustration now, laughing, now that I’m no longer ghosted there, with great thanks, again, to Dale and to the helpful Live Chat ppl. It was odd to receive offline IMs from a parcel owner in that sim who wondered if I was okay and noted that I had been hanging there for several days. So somehow, the sim was returned to order for that parcel owner (and probably others there), but I was caught in the meltdown timewarp that only the sim reset would solve. So, yes! I did learn even more and that is always great fun to do! 🙂

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhh! Wow! And ppl rezzing boxes on him! Omgosh you’re right…at least in the sim I was ghosted in, I didn’t have things rezzed on me for sport! (And actually, upon closer reading, I see the prim wasn’t sport but included a note that explained what was happening to Bouncing.) Thank you for sharing this…how odd and curious! that it happened in other sims to other people! I just left a comment (awaiting moderation) on Forceme’s weblog to share how you saved me, smiling gratefully and widely 🙂 and with your suggestion for a sim reset. Hopefully that will work for Bouncing (who sure isn’t “bouncing” if he’s in a ghosted state…I couldn’t resist pointing out that bit of irony) at the Gorean Hub too!

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