Soon, a Key Lime Sky

…in Dark Moon. 

The fifth and final entry in the Dream Series, the form of which follows Dale Innis’s “spontaneous narrative” approach.   Also the sixth and final entry for Alicia Chenaux’s annual ”Big Bad Blogger Challenge.”




 “Did I hear you correctly…”

June the fairy looked up , as if gazing into Dawn’s bewildered eyes would help the fae understand her better.

“Do you mean to tell me that –” Dawn’s voice took a hard-stop.  And for what seemed like several minutes.  Until she added with complete astonishment, ” — that… I…  am your muse?”

June smiled.

“– that a fairy has a human – I refuse to give up my humanity – as a muse?  That I am some kind of source of inspiration to you?  That you are — what — you are waiting — what — for me?  For me?  For me — to do?  To do?  To do — what?”

Dawn was suddenly in very real danger of babbling.   She wrapped her arms tightly around herself, trying to hold herself together, pursing her lips into a thin red line, her eyes beacons on the fairy.  And all at once, Dawn thought she was going to burst.  She drew a shaky breath.  This was some kind of revelation.  To learn that she had no memory because — she didn’t really exist?  Could that be possible?  Or was she the manifestation of an idea — a thread of an idea of June’s — that was left dangling in the air and that finally fell into the sea.  Unrealized.  And nearly washed away…despite how beautiful the idea might be.   

“But,” Dawn mumbled with sudden surprise, “I am.  Right here.  Right now.  I am.”

“Dreams remembering…” June nearly purred, which was a strange juxtaposition, a feline fairy.  But who was Dawn to argue.  Dawn was but a dream.

Dawn grabbed the skirt of her gown with those stretched fingertips that had been looking for something all along and were looking for something in this very moment.  She tugged at the gown and searched the skirt until she laid her fingers on June’s Thread of an Idea:  to paint a new day at will.  And to make it speak so clearly to everyone who saw it…so very clearly, so very brightly that maybe her siblings in the other worlds would hear it and see it. 

“Ohhhhh,” Dawn said softly and felt suddenly overwhelmed.  To have the vision is one thing.  To have pressures of expectations or in creation is another. 

She shook her head, slightly incredulous.  She had no idea how she would surprise and delight a creature with neon glow wings and happy dust, but now knowing June’s unrealized thought, Dawn became more determined than ever to see this through even if she hadn’t the slightest idea what she was doing.  She paced around fairy, sloshing water gently as she went.  She held her hands out, palms up…as if somehow some kind of clear reasoning would fall right into them.  And something did, but it wasn’t reasoning.  It was something more organic, not necessarily clear at all times.  Not necessarily perfect.  More of  a collaboration between heart and mind, between perceiving and expressing, between intuition and knowledge. 

“How would I bring inspiration to a creature like you?” she muttered as if sorting out a problem.  “How can I be more inspiring than this place…with this incredible sky.   An incredible sky that I just want to eat up because even as a dream, I’m just a tad starving and seem to be fixated on sherbert.  Look at the sky!”  she said with astonishment and delight.  “It looks just like sherbert.  I couldn’t dream this up.  Could you?  How can I inspire more than what is already here?  More than what is right before you?”  Dawn paused briefly and then launched forward again.  “Sure.  We could change the color.   Make it a — oh, I don’t know — make it a lime sherbert.  Sherbert because I am famished and it’s summer and I love the feel of the sweetened icy blend on my tongue.  And lime because – oh I don’t know – I painted a room a lime green — well,” she snorted softly, “I thought I had but maybe that was really your room…do fairy’s even have rooms?  And if you do…don’t you just love that keylime color?  It’s so refreshing!  It’s so summer!  It’s so open and clearing and happy and friendly!  And we could put in trees, great giant canopies of trees with tops as billowy and as light and as full as whipped creme…and we could create a…oh some kind of connection between one world and the other.” 

Dawn’s feet sloshed in long swirls now, her toes skimming the surface of the water.  “A bridge!  Between both worlds.  A bridge over the aqua-y colbalt-y cool waters, under the sherbert lime sky, canopied by happy airy whipped creme tree tops, and an ancient gazebo with a dome that sparkles like a snow globe.”

June tilted her head and smiled.  Her hands rose slowly and her wings fluttered.  Her body uncurled as she hovered up to where Dawn was levitating (quite oblivious to that fact, I might add).

June smiled.  “We could fly, you and I, across the sky.  And scoop up as much lime sherbert as we can along the way.  For us and for the siblings when we meet them were worlds collide.” 

Even the worlds of creative and rational thought, Dawn said in silence.  She smiled quietly then, not minding at all this new sudden revelation or the sudden realization that she had been hovering in the air.  They were preparing to traverse the sky, and the journey would be spectacular!  Oh, how sweet the magic will taste, Dawn thought.  She looked gently at the fairy, glow spilling softly out of the corners of Dawn’s eyes, happy dust sparkling from her fingertips that she now placed onto June’s.  And Dawn suddenly knew.  She suddenly remembered.  Dawn and June were of the same magic. 

They were one in the same.


Note:  I’m using the last six photos that I uploaded to flickr as the basis for this dream series, and using them in the order of upload.  All photos were taken at the elven-themed sims Dark Moon and Angelgate.


3 thoughts on “Soon, a Key Lime Sky

  1. I like that. 🙂

    “became more determined than ever to see this through even if she hadn’t the slightest idea what she was doing”… So much of life is like that. And a good thing, too!

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