…in Dark Moon. 

The fourth entry in the Dream Series, the form of which follows Dale Innis’s “spontaneous narrative” approach.   Also the fifth entry for Alicia Chenaux’s annual ”Big Bad Blogger Challenge.”




This was not what Dawn had expected.  Although…she hadn’t really expected anything because she couldn’t seem to remember anything.  What expectations could she have of a blank slate?  Well, actually, plenty, Dawn thought in answer to her own pondering.  There could be a masterpiece there anticipating its own becoming, waiting to crystalize, waiting to breathe.  Waiting to express the fullness of its being. 

She sighed as a bit of exasperation set in.  But then, distracted, she studied the fairy who sat on the lip of the sea with her legs dipped into the water.  The liquid shimmied and reflected the sherbert sky across the fae’s knees, just as Dawn’s mind shimmied and reflected upon June’s story… a story told just moments before that now –  in this moment – represented the only memory Dawn’s mind held.   And so she held it very closely and inspected it very thoroughly. 

She re-imagined the fairy and her siblings flying hundreds of years ago across this same sherbert sky.  She winced again at the tender parting of their ways.  She smiled once more as she re-listened to the fairy’s exclamation of wanting to “eat it all up!” just as Dawn now found herself wanting to do.  She paused again to consider again the fairy’s words — strange though they were —  of the need for dreams to remember…as if dreams could do such a thing…

But ironically enough, it was from that recollection in particular that a light went on in the once-silent recesses of Dawn’s mind.

“Am I…am I a…a dream?” 

Instinctively, Dawn put her arms around herself in the hopes of proving otherwise.

June the fae sat silently, casting her gaze deeper into the undulating water.

“Am I………your dream?”

The fairy held Dawn’s reflection in the sparkling surface of the sea.  Her luminous face spread into a smile, glow sparkled from the corners of her eyes, and June began to sing a song for the ages…a song of magic and wondrousness and sherbert skies yummy enough to eat, all wrapped up in and at once released by a single word, a single magical concept…

“Muse…” the fairy said-sang, finally breaking her silence.


Note:  I’m using the last six photos that I uploaded to flickr as the basis for this dream series, and using them in the order of upload.  All photos were taken at the elven-themed sims Dark Moon and Angelgate.

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