Fashionably Late

Because I’ve been relatively “unplugged” the past few days during an extended weekend vacation, I just now read Dale’s blogpost in which he shared his first posts for this week of daily posts as prompted by Alicia Chenaux’s annual “Big Bad Blogger Challenge” .  Gadzooks, I am two, possibly three days behind already!  But like many others have already done, I too am tossing my URL hat into this ring because oftentimes I tend to overthink potential topics and end up not posting my thoughts on them.  In many ways, this challenge reminds me of National Novel Writing Month…not in terms of quantity of words each day (which really required 2000 words a day across 30 consecutive days…*quite* an endurance exercise as much as a writing exercise), but it reminds me of how the process becomes the thing, allowing us to give our internal editors a time-out (not abdicating responsible self-censorship) and granting room for more organic expression.  That became incredibly difficult to do during NaNoWriMo, which I somehow by some miracle actually completed, albeit it took me closer to 45 days.  Evenso I celebrate the accomplishment and learned how difficult it is for me to “try on” a different writing process.  But the wonderful thing is in the trying.  That’s where the growth happens.  So along those lines, here’s my first unglossed entry for the BBBC!  Dashing off now in the hopes of doing two more entries today to catch up!


2 thoughts on “Fashionably Late

    1. (Alicia, hiya!! 🙂 ) I’m so glad to hear this! I’m delighted to join up! Thank you for creating the challenge…it’s really a wonderful one!

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