“Designing Dreams” – Graduation Show & Fashion Installation

May 30th, 7 am SLT


It’s with no small amount of genuine joy that I share news of the upcoming graduation of the first cohort group of designers from the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace program:  Xand Nagy (Kicks & Twirls), Misteria Loon (Pas De Deux now in Phatland), Wollemia Sands (Bull & Bear), and Jare Capalini (AU V , main store in Ocean Estate which I just learned tonight is not yet open but will be opening soon).   This graduation is predominantly an innovative presentation of these designers’s wonderful creations….in effect, a graduation fashion show.    This event is open to one and all.  So it is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend if for no other reason than to celebrate these wonderful new talents, who I’ve blogged about and flickred numerous times over the past six months. 




How very quickly their 6-month tenure with the Shengri La Vintage Marketplace has passed.  Last fall, I found each of these four wonderful designers after lengthy and concerted grid-hopping in search of new, talented designers.   While I saw many new designers along the way, these four were the ones who stood out at that time, so much so that Shenlei invited them into her Vintage Marketplace program.  I couldn’t have been more enthusiastic at the time.  And I can’t be more enthusiastic now.  It has been a genuine pleasure to know and work with each of these wonderful souls…and to have been part of the Vintage Marketplace program, an immersive endeavor (immersion within immersive SL, truly) that guided new talents, helped them, challenged them, celebrated them, and ultimately saw each of them grow into their own legs, moving confidently forward with a vision and a dream both more solidly crystalized and more elegantly expressed as a result of the experience.

Xand, Misty, Wollemia, and Jare:  each of your voices is unique and wonderful.   Not only are you all very talented and elegant in spirit, but you are all such genuinely nice people with wonderfully distinctive personalities as unique and as expressive as your fashions:  playful, surprising, flowing, bright, ethereal, striking, colorful, crisp, and pragmatic.  It has been a joy and a priviledge, and I’ll always smile at the many memories of how all of us — you as designers, me as the curator, and Shenlei as the sims-program owner, visionary, & mentor — grew and learned.  All from the basis of a shared purpose to pay kindness forward, to release more beauty and positive talent into the world, and to nurture the good and the grand in all of us.  It doesn’t get much better than that.   Yet somehow…I just know it will continue to be even more wonderful.

Congratulations Xand, Misty, Wollemia, and Jare!  I’ll be there cheering you on during your graduation this Saturday.  I suspect you’ll see many like-minded souls there doing the same.  And deservedly so.


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